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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


He does already have an Oscar… for Happy Feet.


Oscar attendees’ dresses are ‘not feminist enough’, apparently:

I mean, is there a list of dresses that are considered ok for feminists to wear, or is it solely down to the personal choice of the author?

The most galling thing is that this is blatantly just an excuse for the Guardian to run the same parade of red-carpet photos as all the other papers, but under the guise of being political/social commentary.


Thats exactly what it is.

Dumb article


Not as bad as the Mail…who can’t make up their minds about the best and worst dressed on the same night.



They did the same thing to Heidi Klum and Mindy Kaling.

Hello stupidity.
Good to see you’ve not slowed a bit.


In fairness, this statement can be applied to most things.


I would honestly probably strike this one up to Academy interpersonal and not necessarily racial politics. I don’t think they care for Tarantino and have only tolerated him the past.


I’d put it down to being a very good performance, but not his best, in a film I liked a lot, but which wasn’t Tarantino’s best either.

Both of them did better in ‘Jackie Brown’ for example.


Christoph Waltz has won two Oscars for Tarantino films.


I could be wrong on that one then. Did Hateful 8 get any nominations? Ennio Morricone should have at least gotten a nod. I figured his award show gaff earlier this year might have made him and those connected to him persona non-grata.


Morricone won. Jason-Leigh got a nomination.

Tarantino won the writing Oscar for Django.


I withdraw my comment then. Apologies. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Tarantino got nominated for best director for Inglourious so I don’t think they just tolerate him.
I thought the lack of orginal screenplay nomination for him this year was weird.

The awards show itself was entertaining. Chris Rock did a great job.


Most of it was better than usual, but there were still some awful moments. Ali G introducing Room was incredibly tone-deaf.


Yeah, it felt like I’d stepped back into the 90s for a few minutes.
Sarah Silverman wasn’t very great either. At least I think it was Sarah Silverman? I might have gotten her mixed up.


I forgot one of the oddest moments: when it was revealed that Matt Damon’s beard was CGI.


That really threw me off. I don’t think I’ll look at the film the same way again.


My beard is also CGI.


What’s her name?


My beard is the only part of me that isn’t CG.


Apparently The Martian was NOT filmed on location. So disappointing…