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Now Al Sharpton is going to organize a protest near the Oscar site…

I get what they are saying, but what tires me is that it is ALWAYS the same people ie. Sharpton, Spike Lee complaining, Jesse Jackson, etc.

I have to say (and this is just imho), they should get other people of color, (Hispanics, Asian, Indian, etc.) to chime in and collectively argue about the lack of good roles and lack of recognition they receive.That would have been a real coalition complaining.



So, basically what your saying is, to quote Token “Jesse Jackson is not the emperor of Black people!”?

Also, is it the Academy that’s being racist, or Hollywood for not casting Black Actors in good parts? Who were they supposed to nominate?


Abraham Attah, for one. His performance in Beasts of No Nation was the best lead performance I saw last year.

Idris Elba was also quite good in that.


I think Idris Elba being left out is the central mistake the academy has made.

I recently read an article on the statistics of the film industry and the oscars - while White people are over-priveleged in their roles and the awards they get, Black roles and awards are pretty much proportionate to their industry presence and the size of the demographic in America. The real losers are the Asians and Hispanics.

But Idris Elba not getting a nomination has brought the issue to light, because he definitely deserved one.

Out of the nominees, I think the Revenant deserves to be there, and I havent’ seen the Danish Girl, but I would put Elba’s performance ahead of Damon’s in the Martian, and probably Cranston and Fassbender in Trumbo and Jobs.


I can see why a bunch of people at the major studios might want to ignore a movie that launched on Netflix, though. To me, I think that is what probably happened with Beasts of No Nation, not racial bias. People in Hollywood are still pretty jittery about day and date VOD releases.


I’d say by far the most deserving actor snubbed is Michael B. Jordan for Creed.


I can’t believe they didn’t nominate Sam Jackson as supporting for The Hateful Eight.
It might just be my favourite Sam Jackson performance.


Who is Token? That is not what I am saying at all…
WHAT I SAID was having the same people complaining doesn’t do the cause any good…

What are you all about Kalman? What is your story?


I don’t know, but given that it’s Kalman posting I’d say there’s a 95% chance that it’s something to do with South Park.


It’s another needless South Park reference. You need to knock this on the head Kalman. It’s getting really boring.


You’ve never heard of the Lord of the Rings?


I once dreamt that I wrote the Lord of the Rings. Turned out I had just been Tolkein in my sleep.



In this case, it was my point of reference.


Aside from Innaritu for Director and the bizarre Smith win for Song, that was some good awardsing. Very happy Spotlight beat The Revenant for Best Picture.

Ex Machina winning effects was especially nice.


Innaritu deserved best director.

(for Birdman…)


I was sad Miller never got best director.
But I’m so happy for Alicia Vikander! I still don’t think Leo deserved it for this movie and even though I liked Spotlight (more than The Revenant) they can’t compare to Fury Road. Oh well.

The biggest upset was definitely Star Wars not winning visual effects. And I’m happy for Ex Machina.


‘Star Wars’ won the BAFTA.

‘Ex Machina’ won the Oscar.

A strange time for VFX awards.