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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


BAFTA would let me in, which tells you everything you need to know.


Have you watched The Room?

If so, what did you think of it?

P.S. Everyone should see The Room. It is the ultimate movie. Tangibly sublime in its similarities with the absurdness of reality on a whole.


Was an okay performance, but not a great one. The only reason there was such an excitement about it was that people had forgotten he could act at all.

His performance in Rocky Balboa, on the other hand - that was a great performance.

(I should maybe clarify that I have always said that Stallone - in contrast to Schwarzenegger - can actually act. That goes for all his movies. But Rocky is the only role he was great in.)


Oh hai, anders!
Anyway, how’s your sex life?


I’m dre-e-e-e-e-eaming
Of a White Oscars
Like all awards before the Northers won
Where bigots glisten
And children listen
To the lies told so oft befo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-re…


THE REVENANT is a good movie, but not a “great” story. Not like BIRDMAN or CHILDREN OF MEN as far as the character’s development over a very difficult journey. For Hugh Glass, it really seemed his challenges were much more of the physical rather than dramatic variety. He never really finds himself in the same position as Fitzgerald throughout his journey so it felt like they missed an opportunity to really go the full distance spiritually though they reach for it.

For me Tom Hardy - despite getting a lot of criticism from some reviewers for being two one dimensionally evil - delivered the most challenging and dramatic performance. Certainly, his greedy, brutal and bigoted nature at the outset seemed offputting, but I found him very compelling as he faced and made choices that were still physically demanding - though not as much as Glass - but also very morally conflicted.

Also, the movie did suffer a bit from being unclear exactly how injured or healed Glass was at any particular moment. Just as in scenes where a single-shot flintlock would fire two or three shots even though Glass has no time to reload, his mobility and level of injury/exposure varied based on what the story demanded in any particular scene.


Fitzgerald is a more complex role. He’s a bad guy, but they give him some reasons for why he’s bad. They’re a bit heavy-handed about that really, but at least they’re there.

Glass has much less of that.




Solitary! :smiley:


#OscarsSoWhite this is the only time a black man gets to hold an oscar this year:

— max im a koopa (@meakoopa) February 5, 2016



Because his name’s Oscar.



You might want to cut back on the cocktails there Tim.

Just a suggestion. :tropical_drink:


I am sober.

I swear.

I swear!

(Why doesnt anyone ever believe me?)



Mad Max has ended up doing pretty well at the Baftas, with awards for editing, makeup & hair, costume design and production design.

And the Revenant has done even better, winning the best film, actor, director, cinematography and sound.

Full list of winners here:


After watching the Baftas, John Boyega has become my favourite person.
Ridley Scott looked so sad when he didn’t win the director award.

Am I the only one wondering why The Hateful Eight is doing so poorly at the awards shows? Django Unchained did pretty well for itself and on a technical level this is even better film making.


It’s because Tarantino was outed as a racist.



Edit: Sorry, that was the kneejerk comment, but honestly I’m just confused. Racist towards who? How was he outed? When?

I’m so confused.


Cf. The Twitterstorm after he used the word “ghetto” in a perfectly legitimate way during his Globes speech.


Ohhh that thing.
I just watched that speech and honestly nothing twigged as being offensive at all. He looked like he was on his Hateful Eighth pint anyway.