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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


Well done to any winners, but I won’t pretend to agree with all the results.

The actors are all good, but ‘Roma’ was interesting, rather than truly engaging.

I also think ‘The Favourite’ has better cinematography.

For the second year running Joanna Lumley presented, probably down to her not being on Twitter, she joked.

Heh. :grin:


I haven’t had a chance to watch The Favourite yet. I thought Roma was a bit slow, but built to some amazing (both visually and emotionally) moments.


I was more interested by the the time it finished, but it’s the epitome of a ‘slow burn’.

Reading up afterwards, it seems like Cuaron was trying to restrain his style a bit, and I think that’s not always a good idea. He’s evolved a way of telling stories with is quite distinctive and, for me, ‘Roma’ needed to be helped a little in the establishing sections.


Is that the first time all four main acting prizes in an award like this have gone to actors playing LGBT+ characters?


I hadn’t even thought of that. I’d be surprised if it isn’t but it’s also kind of cool it just falls under the radar and seems normal, I haven’t seen it headline any stories on the Bafta results.


The history of baffling Best Picture wins goes back pretty far:

  • I’m sure genre fans were equally upset over Errol Flynn’s iconic Adventures of Robin Hood losing to You Can’t Take It With You. (1938)
  • Gone with the Wind wins, with some heavy-hitters as contenders: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Wizard of Oz. (1939)
  • Rebecca over the likes of The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Dictator, and The Philadelphia Story. (1940)
  • How Green Was My Valley over Citizen Kane, with The Maltese Falcon also in contention. (1941)

You get the idea. And fandom’s most famous defeat: Annie Hall over Star Wars.


I also find interesting all the nominated films that kind of disappear completely from public consciousness once award season is over.

Has anyone here thought of American Hustle lately?


Not to mention Gandhi over E.T., although at least that would be an interesting team-up.


Other than Bradley Cooper’s horribly bad perm? That’s a great cast!


Hang on, are you suggesting that Star Wars is better than Annie Hall?


It’s got more lightsabres. I think that’s a pretty compelling argument.


So hold on, you think it’s well made, fun, one of the best examples of its genre, and full of great performances, but you also think it’s a farce that it’s been nominated? Struggling to understand the logic of this… :confused:


I think the logic is that while it is a very good example of its genre, it’s a genre that doesn’t tend to produce films that are seen as Oscar-worthy in the same way as more ‘credible’ or highbrow films.

Even the most critically-lauded superhero films (eg. Dark Knight) have historically struggled to get a ‘Best Picture’ Oscar nomination, so Black Panther feels like a bit of an outlier, even though it’s a good example of its genre.


It reminds me a little of Ethan Hawke’s high-profile comments last year about Logan (and superhero movies in general), and about how high praise within that genre doesn’t necessarily translate to equally high praise when compared with all other genres of movie.


I’m about halfway through a rewatch of American Hustle. Decent movie with incredibly good performances.

Russel’s follow up, Joy, was superior, I think, and unfairly overlooked. But Hustle is really good. Funnier than I remember it being.


I tweaked that post a little bit.


Dave pretty much answered the question


There are many reasons Annie Hall is better than Star Wars, not just because it has more lightsabres.


Star Wars > Annie Hall

I never got the appeal of Woody Allen. His movies have always bored me, and he comes off like an over-praised critical darling.


Teen Titans Go to the Movies is funny, but much funnier if you watch the show. The in-jokes are written for all audiences but there’s a greater experience if you’re familiar with the show.

But as Dave said, they’re both great but in their own way.