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Jimmy Kimmel!


I thought he was good yeah, certainly good enough to make me feel for his character.
I think the film ladled it all on a bit too thick to be Oscar worthy in any area though. I wouldn’t grudge him it, but I think it’s probably quite a trendy choice to pick Stallone and come across as believing you are being a bit leftfield. I’d say borderline. At the time of watching I thought he was very competent, but it didn’t scream “Oscar!” at me.


It’s one of those cumulative ones, then. For a body of work - he’s a solid actor unfairly pigeon-holed as a meat-head action star.

Like Pacino winning for Scent of a woman (read: Godfather, Godfather II, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, and Scarface), Russell Crowe winning for Gladiator (read: LA Confidential and The Insider), or Scorsese winning for the Departed (read: Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas).


He pigeon-holed himself… that sounds dodgy.


I think my favourite thing about Birdman is the soundtrack.

All those cool drumbeats.


He’s not really a very solid actor. He’s very, very good in one role - Rocky. Outside of that, not so much.


I see what you did there, Andrew.


I wonder if Mark Millar is a member of the Academy? Wouldn’t be surprised if he was.


I think this sums up a lot of the Oscars. For better or worse, people tend to get nominated and win for paying their dues by missing out on previous nominations and wins.


Birdman also had really fantastic editting.




I personally loved Judge Dredd.

His delivery of I AM THE LAW in the beginning of the movie was epic. Also, it had a great comic book vibe.

And Demolition Man. What a piece of art.


Stallone wasnt in Birdman though?


of course he was. In the background.


He was also in Oscar, for which he didn’t win an Oscar. The reason being it was shit.


Remember when the Razzies used to not just go for easy targets? It’s become such an industry stooge for toeing the party line on what’s a failure and what’s a success.


Birdman is the sequel to The Revenant


I suspect not. They have membership requirements (which you can see here) and despite Mark’s success with movie adaptations of his comics, he’s not been hands on enough in them to meet those entry requirements.


And standards. They have standards too. :wink:


BAFTA would let him in though.