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‘Roma’ is a film about people on the outskirts of history, dealing with their lives despite occasional collisions with larger forces.

It’s very low key. Cuaron does a few long takes, and (I’m assuming) the period detail of 1970/71 Mexico is carefully researched and accurately reproduced, but it’s really a domestic drama that’s totally familiar, despite being drawn from his own childhood. His real life had some dramatic cliches in it.

I went in knowing as little as I could but, for a change, I actually think that’s not the best way to do it. You benefit from knowing that this isn’t the same guy who made (perhaps) the best of the ‘Harry Potter’ films, plus ‘Children of Men’ and ‘Gravity’.

Some of it is mundane to the point of being boring (to me) and when he does jazz things up it becomes something else, something that I would’ve preferred.

But this is the film he wanted to make, it is good, and Netflix made it happen.



I like the not so subtle ending of that article.

Black Panther currently holds a 97 percent average on Rotten Tomatoes. The Ellis-penned 2016 film The Curse of Downers Grove , meanwhile, is presently at 15 percent.


Dudes going to need a skin graft after that burn.


I think the Oscars just aren’t about what is “best”, it’s more about what is most talked about. I’m sure there were better movies made last year than Black Panther.


I hope Black Panther gets the Best Picture Oscar, not because I think it’s necessarily the year’s best film, but so I can watch a bunch of entitled white guys lose their collective shit when they see black people getting something they don’t think they deserve. But they sure didn’t object when Rapey Weinstein was buying Oscars for mediocre and forgettable films.

We might even get a presidential tweet about it


I’d get Ellis point if Black Panther wasn’t such a well made and fun movie.

It’s far from average.

It is a farce that it has been nominated, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a really good blockbuster and one of the best movies that a massively successful Marvel studio has produced, full of great performances.


Having now read the article, he’s being a bit mean spirited, but he’s entitled to his opinion - and if people want to be honest for a minute they would probably acknowledge the truth in what he’s saying.

I think people should be free to give their own opinion without being chucked into the ‘entitled’ bucket, just because they are white.


Black Panther wouldn’t be my pick, but it would still be better than a lot of the other recent Best Picture movies.

I saw If Beale Street Could Talk last night, and now I’m really annoyed that it didn’t get nominated in every category it was eligible. I think a lot of it is that Annapurna decided to double down on promoting Vice instead, which obviously paid off for them, but it sucks. Easily one of the best films of the year.


I’m not going to pretend that promotion doesn’t work, but William Goldman’s book, ‘Adventures in the Screen Trade’ was written around the time of the 54th Academy Awards and, as part of his research, he asked people who they were voting for in the best picture category?

The most common answer he got was, “Chariots of Fire, but it hasn’t got a chance.”

It won.

Sometimes people vote for the thing they actually like the best, whatever the hype.

Ellis isn’t regarded as entitled just because he’s white. It’s because he wrote ‘Less Than Zero’, ‘American Psycho’, ‘Rules of Attraction’ and ‘Glamorama’, which are about entitled people (generally bad (or really bad) ones) and then said they were inspired by his own life.


It wouldn’t be that weird if BP won the oscar, there have been plenty of movies that weren’t masterpieces that won. It was pretty good.


I must admit, I agree with Ellis here. Not because of Black Panther, but because of all the fuss. I would get if an actor gets nomination and wins (such is the case with Heath Ledger, who truly immersed himself in the role). But this is best picture we talk about. And it’s not like we expect another Titanic or Lord of the Rings. I mean, of all the superhero movies, why not Infinity War? Spiderman 2? Those are all fun movies too. Maybe if academy introduces some particular award for superheroes. Maybe an Oscar with cape.

But then again, I agree with @arjandirkse. How many movies got the award that don’t even deserve it. And how many movies that got award just because of the politics involved?


Best Picture awards go to the producers, right? So Kevin Feige would be the guy collecting it.


He’d be there, but I think Marvel would want Nate Moore to step up and make the big speech;


Maybe he will black up for the occasion. :wink:


Spider Verse was the best superhero movie of the year. I think pretty much everyone agrees with that. It should have got the nomination.

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody again. I think it’d be a favorite if it didn’t have the Bryan Singer connection.


Did you not see Teen Titans Go To The Movies?


No. Is it really better?


In all seriousness, they’re so different it’s impossible to compare.

The TTG movie is probably the funniest superhero movie I’ve ever seen and sends the whole genre up brilliantly, while also being a fun all-ages superhero story in its own right. It’s very much worth seeing.

But Spider-Verse has that beautiful animation and is a more complete and satisfying story on a serious level. I’m sure a lot of people would prefer it.

They’re both great anyway.


All Black Panther has done so far is get nominated. As far as genre or popcorn movies go, that puts it alongside Get Out, Fury Road, Gravity, Django Unchained, The Martian, Hugo, Toy Story 3, Inception, Avatar, District 9, Inglorious Basterds. I don’t see why it wouldn’t belong in this company.

I think there is a chance it could win. Partly because the field is somewhat weak and wide open. Partly because there are a lot of actors who vote and this movie has about 12-18 juicy roles in it, and for people who don’t always get juicy roles in big effects blockbusters (not just POC but also women and older people). At some point, too, Marvel will be rewarded with a big trophy and it will be a prize meant to reward them for everything they do—all the people they hire, the massive audiences they keep engaged with movies, the fact that they (along with Fast & Furious and Transformers) were kind of the tip of the spear in penetrating the Chinese market. They probably deserve recognition like this, and why not for Black Panther?