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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


The Oscar night is all about who wore what and the after party.

With the Oscars ceremony…

The first half hour is an intro monologue/floor show then the awards for supporting actor and actress. Then the next hour and a half goes to awards like foreign film, short film, cinematography, music score, and other technical things. The last hour goes to the heavy stuff like director, actor, actress, and best movie. etc.

So basically, you can catch the first half hour, take about a 2 hour nap or go online at MW, and go back to the show and not miss much.

That should all change and be reformatted.


I’m just not sure there’s any “fixing” the Academy Awards. It’s meant to be a celebration of the year in cinema but people increasingly only go to the cinema for the big blockbusters. And that’s a movie type that the Academy kind of loathes to recognize. They’ll do it from time to time to score points with a diminishing audience and it’s usually kind of awkward when they do it nowadays. Like a middle age substitute teacher making mildly inappropriate jokes to try to prove to the kids that he’s cool.

There’s maybe 10 awards people care about and that only really depends on if the Academy nominates stuff people have seen. Which they often don’t. Realistically the show shouldn’t run more than 90 minutes (which is also generally true for a lot of movies, quite frankly), but they’re too into patting themselves on the back.

I don’t know, make a deal with all the streaming services to air the show instead of putting it on ABC and get Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to host and maybe people will be into it again. People like superheroes and offensive language.


Just watched Blackkklansman. That’s not an Oscar worthy movie either. I found it ironic that a movie that panders so much to the left critiques on Birth of a Nation.


Birth of a Nation is literally based on the novel “The Klansman” which is KKK fic.

Blakkklansman is based on an actual law enforcement operation against the KKK. Of course it would critique Birth of a Nation.


Both exist to sell a one sided fictional feel good narrative and paint any dissenting political views as one dimensional panto villains. A fat dumb liiiterate redneck with a desire to kill black women is the exact same shit as portraying a fat dumb illiterate black guy with a desire to kill white women.


Blakkklansman is a dramatized account of FACTUAL event.

No amount of lefting or righting is going to change that. You can’t both’s sides that.


Also, you can’t ignore that D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” is still taught in schools as the beginning of modern cinema. It’s impact is continual even outside of the political context. It is cinematic and media history and will always be brought up in certain contexts.


About as loosely factual as you can get. But you’re missing the point I’m making. It doesn’t matter if either story is based on real events or not. The direction and performance and forcing it into a Trump critique is Spike saying - look at all these dumb crazy scumbag crackers. Fear them and hate them, for they are the enemy of the people of virtue.

Change one word in that sentence and you have Birth of a Nation.


You know what, never mind. The facts exist. You can’t change that. Birth of a Nation is fiction. The Klansman is fiction.

The events aren’t BlackkKlansman aren’t. Those are facts. And trying to blur both movies into different sides of the same coin is really not fair to the law enforcement people who put their lives on the line to stop the Klan.


Every clansman character is a panto villain. One of them literally twirls his mustache. They’re nothing like normal people. Whereas as the heroes are super cool. Scooby Doo has more neuanced villain performances.

Imagine the exact same movie about an undercover operation into the Black Panthers. Reverse the race of every single character. Would you be happy if all the black characters were so paper thin and simply written? Would you be happy if it ended with news footage of Chicago protests?

Here’s my rule. Watch a thing, then imagine you saw the exact same thing done just the opposite way and then consider if it’s fair or just full of crap.


I’m sorry, but that’s like saying the phrases “I hate you because you’re black” and “I hate you because you’re a bigot” are the same thing. They absolutely are not.


Pretty sure loads of the characters hated white people, not just the clan. But again, point being missed. Easy to miss if you don’t want to see it.


I’m certain someone will do a movie on Hoover’s COINTELPRO. It will be a doozy and no one will be happy, but it will happen.


Honestly I think that could be career suicide. You don’t want to create any movie right wingers could latch on to.


Not missing you’re point, I just don’t agree with it. Can we assume that we’re all equally smart and intellectually honest.


I’d you want to disagree you’d need to explain how the white villains aren’t buffoonish panto villains and terrible cliches of resneck culture.


Are the Black Panthers equivalent to the KKK?

And sometimes that’s enough. Is Schindler’s List something people go back to, time and again? Is Saving Private Ryan? They have some major technical and artistic achievements (the former to a greater extent), but not consistently. SPR gets 90% of its acclaim from the landing scene, right?


I don’t know if it will win but I would say BlackKlansman is absolutely as good as every Best Picture winner this decade except for Spotlight and maybe Moonlight.

Aside from those two we’re talking The King’s Speech, The Artist, Argo, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, and The Shape of Water…not exactly a murderer’s row of awesome cinema there.


Shakespeare in Love is the movie that cratered the Academy’s credibility. It’s basically a Lifetime Original Movie with Gwyneth Paltrow’s boobs in it. It’s the trump card you can pull out whenever an “unworthy” film wins best picture. And proof that Harvey Weinstein could have snookered the Academy into awarding Oscars to a cell phone commercial if he wanted to.

It has Peppers Potts naked and I don’t think a single person anywhere in the world has watched it in fifteen years.