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Yeah I thought Black Panther was a pretty strong movie but all the “first black comic book hero” stuff is some serious Wesley Snipes erasure that I’m not here for.


I thought we all went to see Black Panther because of our shared love of Martin Freeman, no?


Blade was always marketed as horror first, despite its origins. And, historically, Black Panther is the first black superhero in mainstream American comics.

Anyone who claimed it was the first black superhero movie just did not do their research, there are too many other films, like Hancock, Meteor Man, Steel, and even Blankman. However, this is the entertainment media we’re talking about they sometimes can’t tell Samuel L. Jackson from Lawrence Fishburne.

What BP is, is the first MCU movie with a non-white lead, who happens to be the first black superhero in mainstream American comics.


That’s because people are trying to forget Meteor Man, Steel and Blankman.


LOL!! So writers are trying to deploy cinematic neuralyzers?


That’s fair and even as a wrote it I thought about Will Smith in Men in Black as well, even if most people don’t know the origin of that property.


The distinction of superhero movie isn’t needed. It’s black guy led blockbuster and we had Jamie Fox, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Denzel - honestly it’s such a big list that it doesn’t warrant debating. Disney rewrote history and sold a bunch of bullshit and most people ate it up.


Yes, we’re all idiots and only you see the truth.


Here I am bringing up facts. How dare I challenge the popular narrative!


Facts have no place in Trump’s America.


I actually agree with Jim on that point, and you can see Disney doing the same thing with Ms. Marvel right now to embarrassing effect (imo).

However I don’t agree that BP is mediocre by blockbuster standard or doesn’t belong in the same conversation as stuff like Avatar or Fury Road.


I think you can argue either way if it was a good movie but it was definitely culturally significant. Based on anecdotal evidence alone, at my son’s mother-son superhero themed dance last year BP was easily third in the superhero kids dressed as. Batman and Spider-man were one and two. Unfortunately two children dressed like Flash.


None of those films had as much black representation both in front of and behind the camera with the budget and marketing supporting it awhile also engaging directly with black culture. That’s the significance even before we get to the box office and critical reception. Same with Crazy Rich Asians.


The downside of No Child Left Behind.


No way you can leave the Flash behind.


Did someone call child protective services?


As each mom came up to the snacks and drinks table I was manning I said “Flash, huh?” to gauge whether or not I should call.

One said, “Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled about it either but figure it’s just a phase.”

The other started crying and replied “I know, I just don’t get it. But at least it’s not some shitty Legion of Superheroes costume.” I gave her a hug.


It was actually only one kid. That guy is fast.




This is where I’m at, to chime in.

I thought Black Panther was really great, albeit marred by the big fight at the end, which was awful.

I don’t think it should be in the nominees for best movie - that’s just pushing it and it’s for political reasons. I think anyone being honest with themselves will admit that.

I don’t think the comparison with Wonder Woman is apt - Black Panther did a lot that Wonder Woman did not. I think the compression ends with the manufactured response, which I feel certain factions were far more guilty with Wonder Woman than Black Panther, which actually had a lot to offer in terms of feeling different and having a good script and extended cast of characters.

Edit - in fact I’m not sure that Black Panther was guilty of having a manufactured response to be honest. Maybe slightly exaggerated response because it was willed on.