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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


I would suggest like Wonder Woman we don’t live in a culture where negative reviews would be welcomed without consequence. Objectively it’s a mid tier Marvel movie.

I think everyone thinks the Academy fucked up with their selections this year.


Honestly I didn’t think Black Panther was a brilliant masterpiece but were any movies? Maybe it was just not a year of great artistic excellence.


I would disagree with Jim and say if you try to look at it through as an objective lens as possible, then it’s a top tier Marvel movie, probably top 3 along with Guardians and the first Iron Man.

(From my personal perspective it’s #4 and the top three all feature Rocket and Groot in some capacity)


Almost as amazing as a hugely popular and critically acclaimed film being nominated and having that attributed to PC culture.


Objectively, all that can really be said about Black Panther is that it was a successful movie (in terms of box office and reviews) that got a lot of positive cultural buzz.


It’s a significant movie, that doesn’t make it the best this year, but it made a point and will be part of the development of future films.

I also liked it.


Everyone I know who saw Black Panther thought it was a solid superhero movie that was entertaining and had a good cast, but which got a little over-praised by many as part of a well-meaning rush to embrace and champion diversity within the genre.

I don’t think that’s a particularly controversial opinion, it seems to be the general consensus.

Whether a solid superhero movie that had a strong positive political aspect underpinning it deserves to be nominated for Best Picture in a pretty weak year overall is a matter of opinion, but I think it’s easy to see why it happened even if you don’t love the movie.


Black Panther is probably the most important movie on that list based just on the impact it could have on the entire industry. The rest of the movies nominated are basically par for the course and won’t have any impact on Hollywood. Maybe Roma matters because of Netflix, but that’s about it.

Does that mean I think Black Panther is best picture material? Not really, but I was pretty underwhelmed by movies I saw in 2018.


Well it’s important if you believe Disney, like believing Warner’s when they tell you Wonder Woman was the first woman led blockbuster. There’s a lot of marketing bullshit around both movies.

When was the last big budget blockbuster that got a nom? Avatar a decade ago (which was nominated more for the technical achievement). You’re going back to Apollo 13 or Lord of the Rings or Titanic, and Black Panther doesn’t belong in their tier.


Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on how much you buy into the idea of Black Panther being An Important Movie or not.


It was important for Disney’s bottom line, but it wasn’t important in any other capacity.


I don’t think that’s the impression it left on the public at large, though, especially not in comparison to the other nominees.


It was important in showing studios that a primarily black cast can carry a huge blockbuster. Same way Crazy Rich Asians was important to show studios that people will go see movies with non-white casts.

I mean, I agree that BP shouldn’t win Best Picture, but you also seem intent on downplaying the cultural significance (and potential significance in studios green-lighting movies featuring more diversity) it had in 2018.


Yeah, I personally thought the movie was a good but not great. I’d give it a B-.

For me though, it just doesn’t feel like Best Picture material.




It’s not just that it’s a blockbuster. It’s hugely critically-acclaimed, as well. And it’s culturally significant and connected with a wide audience. Most filmmakers aspire to that combination.


You can find any number of black people who have written extensively about just why it’s important to them and to the community.


Are we going to pretend there haven’t been huge hit movies with black casts and black lead actors going back 40 years?


No, but are we going to pretend like they all made $1.3 billion globally or that minorities aren’t still under represented in Hollywood by quite a bit regardless of the success of a few high profile black actors over the decades?


Gravity and Fury Road are my suggestions. I suppose that Dunkirk doesn’t count?
I think that all three of those should have won Best Picture out of the respective nominees. Black Panther, not so much.

For me, the best movies nominated for an Oscar this year (that I have seen) all sit in the animated feature category.