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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


It might be the only one of the movies remembered at all in 10 years. Which is one of the Academy’s biggest problems, honestly. They’re terrible at judging which movies will have an actual lasting impact. So many movies they nominate most people would be hard pressed to remember even 2 years later.


John Wick should win best movie each year, with everyone else competing for second place.


I mean, that’s definitely an opinion…


I think the notion that the Oscars represent cinema’s finest achievements was put to bed after the very first ceremony.


I think you spelled Die Hard wrong.


John Wick >>>> Die Hard.


I’ve never disagreed with a post more. And I remember ARCHONIS.

Black Panther winning would be a scandal. It’d the end of the Oscars.


Wait, are you suggesting that Crash isn’t a nuanced and meaningful meditation on race and is in fact a trite load of old bollocks?


Trump’s resultant Tweet about it winning would be the end of Twitter.


Unlike Crash, Shakespeare in Love, Argo, A Beautiful Mind, or any of the other egregious Best Picture wins? I think a film that the overwhelming majority of critics and viewers enjoyed winning wouldn’t have much impact.


So you’re saying there’s no downside to this?


Based on my top 10, my order of preference would be Blackkklansman, Black Panther, and Roma (in that order).


Yup unlike all of those. It would be by far the worst Oscar winner ever. It’s only a mid level Marvel movie.


Clearly the critics, viewers, and Academy voters all have it wrong, then.


I think it could win due to vote splitting, maybe an oscar so white rebuttal, and also maybe a lifetime achievement for Marvel thing, the way ROTK was the worst of those films but got the Oscar kind of for all three. (I do not think Panther is the worst Marvel film)


These are the OSCARS! The old guard will vote (in descending order):

The Green Book
The Favorite
A Star Is Born
Black KKKlansman
Black Panther
Bohemian Rhapsody.

An art film by a previous Oscar-winner that nobody saw or understands? A shoe-in. (Roma)
A period piece of any sort. The Green Book, The Favorite)
A really bad movie but third remake and lotsa buzz! (A Star Is Born)
A politically charged period piece with great acting. (Vice, Black KKKlansman)
A blockbuster everybody liked with great performances and effects. (Black Panther)
A crappy movie with lotsa buzz and might be considered a musical, (Bohemian Rhapsody) And a director charged with naughtiness which drives a stake through this one’s heart.

Maybe, just maybe, this year I might get a peek at the voting numbers (or maybe just confirmation to my guesses). I just don’t think I’m that far off.


The Meg got robbed!


The nomination of Bohemian Rhapsody looks extra terrible now that the Singer article has finally been published. And considering this was not much of a secret beforehand, I really don’t know what the Academy was thinking. Nominating Black Panther and finally giving Spike Lee a nod doesn’t excuse the tone-deafness of, yet again, backing a movie by another (alleged) pedophile and rapist. I don’t care if he was fired near the end of filming.

And it’s not like it’s even a good film to begin with…


That is the thing about a lot of the Black Panther criticism, it seems the fact that it is a critical success as well as a commercial success gets ignored, especially when comparing it to other genre fare.


It is the highest rated MCU movie on Rotten Tomatoes: