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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


It was nominated by most of the guilds too though. People just really like the movie.


Not as crazy as Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m at a complete loss why this turd is being nominated for any awards beyond music and maybe special effects for recreating a Wembley Stadium that’s been knocked down and replaced.

It makes Driving Miss Daisy look like The Godfather.


Irony: If a picture called The Favorite gets shut out.


The Black Panther nomination just feels like the Academy throwing a bone. It’s the popular choice among the Award orgs this year to make them all seem a little more cool. That and Bohemian Rhapsody aren’t really Best Picture worthy. I hear Vice is kind of trash too. And that leaves you with the 5 that are probably more deserving and would have been nominated back when they only had 5 nominations.


I’m curious to see which film winds up with Best Original Song as a consolation prize - Black Panther or A Star Is Born.


Have you seen all 8 now?

That’s some going

I used to watch every nominee every year but it’s become more and more difficult to do so for various reasons

Because I have zero interest in watching A Star Is Born or Bohemian Rhapsody the list is very weak looking to me this year.
I really loved Black Panther, but there’s no way it should be on there either.


But… Olivia Colman’s not really the lead in The Favourite, Emma Stone is, surely?


Don’t call him Shirley.


And now, the Golden Raspberries:

Don’t these people know Winchester was supposed to be a comedy?


It’s pretty clear the Oscars are a marketing gimmick for studios. It seems like we’re no longer getting big budget Oscar worthy movies like we used to - no doubt a symptom of the superhero effect.


I’ve heard literally no-one talking about this, either at work or on group chats with friends

Now the Oscars no longer takes itself seriously, it seems they can’t expect anyone else to either.


Black Panther over You Were Never Really Here? Yeah, okay.

Lots of people here seem perplexed by Bohemian Rhapsody getting a nom, but it was a people pleaser. Everyone I know who saw it gushed about it. People loved it, and Malek was great.


It’s got decent ratings from the review sites. It’s hardly a horrible movie, and Hollywood loves these kind of musical history movies. It’s normination isn’t out of left field.

Clearly thought from what I’ve read here Paddington 2 was the best movie last year.


I’m with you on You Were Never Really Here being overlooked, but the people pleaser argument applies just as much, if not more, to Black Panther. Especially given its domestic box office and overwhelmingly positive audience responses.


It became more of a marketing push for movies fewer people would see.

My impression is that the awards became a big public celebration when studios became concerned with competition for attention. When television started taking off, and then when cable movie channels and home video became popular. Then it was a way for independent and a new wave of foreign (mostly French and British) movies to get attention and respect (driven largely by the politicians of Harvey Weinstein).

However, that period started to divide the cinema elite from the popular movie goer. Most people going to movies for a fun thing to do with friends and family didn’t care much about the movies winning awards or the people making and starring in them so why watch it? You have to be invested in the game.


Fine but so was Black Panther (and it’s a way better film on every level).


This is more or less why The Muppets should be brought in to host the ceremony this year.


49% on Metacritic. So just majority negative.

Not related at all to this conversation but Paddington 2? 88%. :smile:


Yeah I think people who are familiar with Queen beyond the radio songs disliked BH, but most other people loved it. And I think not many people care about Queen beyond like the 8 hits that got played in the film. It was definitely a crowd pleaser, and people love those impersonation performances.


I think that’s the crux of it. Oscars do adore impersonation performances. Or some suffering.