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I don’t believe the social media outrage helps a lot but that’s the twitter era I guess. If Kevin Hart likes to joke about gay people, let him. If you don’t like it don’t give him your money. He is about as funny as a piece of stale bread anyway.


Is anyone stopping him?


No, every kind of person isn’t marginalized. Straight, wealthy or middle class, Christian, white men aren’t marginalized by any definition of the word. Especially not in the United States, in business, politics, or pop culture, where they dominate across the board.


There’s more to people than just the thing you listed. Find a school full of straight Christian wealthy white kids and you’ll still find marginalization everywhere.


Yes, I’m well aware that there are more than the type of person I mentioned. I’m also well aware of intersectionality and its importance. My point is that not everyone is marginalized (which isn’t just having someone be mean to them and explicitly has to do with identity) and that not all marginalization is the same.


I think homophobes are pretty marginalized these days.


I’ve been called a faggot twice this week, for the audacity of wearing a World AIDS Day ribbon. And that’s in London, which is generally a pretty positive city for LGBT+ people.

You’d be surprised, I suspect, by how pervasive and common homophobia and biphobia still are, despite all of the very real legal and social advances of the last 20-30 years in most Western countries; and the current public atmosphere in the UK towards trans people is utterly toxic.

I do work in this area specifically around access to healthcare and healthcare outcomes for LGBT+ people … this is research from Stonewall UK published last month:


I think UK culture has a whole heap of social problems. I’m not a fan.


Sadly still common across similar countries/cultures.


Mike is speaking from his own perspective there but this shit happens everywhere and moreso in many places, including parts of the wondrous USA. The country where the term was coined and didn’t need drunks at 10:50pm in Stoke on Trent to do it.


The whole heap of social issues goes far beyond just LGBT issues but I don’t think I’ll get into it as it’s a debate I don’t want to have with members here.


Nope, nope, nope. (Sorry, this is me deleting what I had posted earlier.)


But who are this comedians? Are people after because their humor is subversive or? Some people made their career from un-PC humor (like Andrew Dice Clay or Bill Burr whom I heard has fans among female audience).


Speaking of Jerry Seinfeld, here’s a piece where today’s young people react to episodes of Seinfeld. It’s quite interesting to see how attitudes have changed in the past two decades.


And then complain that Jimmy Fallon is too pissweak and unworthy of his high-profile show.


I think it’s okay, we’ve had it on drip feed for a few years now. It is an agree to disagree thing.


stop being reasonable, Jim


What the fuck?


And I’ve been called a fenian bastard and had a can of coke thrown at me from a passing car for wearing a Celtic top. And I’m not even catholic.

I’ll be the first person to step in if I see anyone being bullied - but I’m fucking sick of people like Monk making out that life is easy for white, straight men like you have to be female, gay or black to deal with prejudice or bullying in life.


I never said white straight men aren’t bullied or deal with individual prejudice. That’s not the same as being a marginalized group. There’s a difference between “easy” and “easier”. There’s also a massive difference between being attacked FOR EXISTING and being attacked for holding a position or having a particular viewpoint. That doesn’t make the latter okay, but it’s an entirely different thing.

In Western countries white, straight, Christian males hold the bulk of leadership positions in government, organized religion, and the private sector. They (as a group) hold the bulk of the wealth. They are the majority of political representatives, judges, executives, etc. They literally control every structure of power in society. So, please, explain how they, as a group, are marginalized in any way that’s equivalent to women, the LGBTQ community, or people of color?