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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


Apropos of nothing, Mirai is superb. That is a pretty nice, stylistically diverse range of animated films even if Teen Titans or “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” deserve to be there instead of Ralph.


Yes! I loved Mirai. Probably my favourite film of the year. Even with Ralph in there, that’s probably a stronger set of films than either of the live-action ones.


Meanwhile, Green Book gets shoehorned into the Musical category because the lead character plays the piano?


Well, they finally managed to do it. All the television nominations? Have not seen any of them. Not a one.

My taste in television is either very good or very bad! (Shut UP, Tom Punk!)


There’s a weird Golden Globes rule that because Roma was submitted for Foreign Language movie, it was ineligible for Best Drama.


Meanwhile film critic Peter Travers (of Rolling Stone magazine) voted Roma the #1 movie of 2018.


Psssh on Travers. Buster Scruggs was the best movie of the year. And Venom.


Actually, Venom was on his list of 10 Worst Films of 2018. Sorry.


Sony will have to cry into all the money they made to soften that blow.


Well that didn’t last long


Looks like he forgot to sanitize his Twitter account… or better yet, delete it and start a new one.


They should ask me to host the Oscars. I don’t have a Twitter account.


Twitter is the digital “House of the Rising Sun.”


Dang Kevin Hart! Now the danged committee is texting me again!


Yup. He even apologized years ago for those kind of comments, but I guess an apology is no longer enough. This is part of the reason why no-one wants that kind of spotlight that hosting a big event brings. And also why social media for famous people is a really dumb idea.


He refused to apologize for them. That’s part of the reason he’s stepping down. The Academy asked him apologize and he refused to. He posted to Instagram about it. It’s a cultural collision. He owns them. He’s not sorry for them. He says he’s not anti-gay and that should be enough.


I’d read that he’d said something in 2015 about regretting those kind of comments. Maybe he just didn’t want to this time.


I think back then, it was about his live show and he expressed regrets. The deep dive on his Twitter seems to be new. Or a least new enough that people who don’t follow him were caught by surprise.


I’d be shocked if there’s many comedians who worked before 2012 that didn’t have some derogatory stuff about being gay in their portfolio (or derogatory stuff about being anything really - short, fat, black, white, Mexican, whatever - part of comedy is making fun of others in what’s meant to be a fun manner but of course some might take offense). It was a different time. Now I think we have a cultural clash between those who want to be able to take digs at groups and those who’ll target their careers if they do so.


The thing is, how difficult is it to say, “Yeah, I was an idiot back then, I didn’t think about the effect those jokes might have on people, and I know better now. Sorry.”? Instead it seems that most of the time we get the carefully crafted “If I anyone was offended…” non-apology at best and the “If trolls want to dig up stuff I said years ago…” response at worst.