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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


I actually thought for a second of what character he had played in Black Panther. Honestly couldn’t remember.

…he definitely should have won something for Caesar though.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is a fantastic film.


Yes, it is easy to get him and Letitia Wright confused.


To be fair, they all paled in comparison to N’Jobu’s actor.


Superhero movies win awards, just not Marvel ones. Suicide Squad won an oscar just last year and obviously Heath Ledger got one.

A lot of it is a function of the neverending sequels, I think. How are you supposed to single out and award Chris Hemsworth for one Thor movie as opposed to the six other Thor movies? Or the VFX in Guardians 2, as opposed to something like Blade Runner, when there are 5 other Marvel films in a one-year span? That is the problem with the franchises in general, as far as awards go. If these superhero movies were standalone or firm trilogies I think we’d see them get more awards.

All of this said, I do think Black Panther will be nominated for some Oscars next year and has to be a favorite to win at least costume design.


How’d Godfather 2 win so many awards?


Why is Godfather 2 considered better than the original despite doing nothing?

The world is a mystery.


I’m not sure it would win a bunch of awards today. Sequels were still a bit of a novelty back then and Coppola was basically adapting different passages of the same novel. It is a far cry from the endless franchise era of today.

Also I don’t know if this needs to be said but Godfather 2 is a significantly better movie than any superhero movie with the possible exception of Man of Steel.



Bumping this, as awards season technically begins today, with the start of the Venice Film Festival.

First reactions to Damien Chazelle’s First Man, starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, should be available tonight.

Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel

Looking forward to that one.




Why not just split Best Picture into Best Drama and Best Comedy/Musical and Best Action Adventure?

Historically, this would have allowed for popular and influential films like Star Was, Alien, Jaws, Animal House, and Raiders of the Lost Ark to be recognized instead of getting snubbed or losing to things like Chariots of Fire.


The suggestion I made was make it Favorite Film, which would simply be determined by the film with the biggest box office.


Just make a Best Disney Movie category and be done with it.


Unfortunately I think whatever happens in this year’s Oscars it is going to be drowned out by the inevitable diversity arguments that are going to come out of it; either the awards will be criticised for swaying to close to looking to achieve diversity or criticised for not being diverse enough.

We are going though a period where politics are overshadowing art and the Oscars hasn’t quite followed suit yet, I expect this year it will catch up.


To be honest all I remember hearing about the last couple of Oscars ceremonies is all that ‘Oscars so white’ stuff that seems to have dogged them for a few years.

(That and them reading out the wrong name that time.)


Yeah the 2015 Oscars had no POC nominated in any of the acting categories, and kicked off protests which swung things pretty hard—two years later a few actors of color won, as did the film Moonlight.


While I’m sure I’ve seen it, I have absolutely no idea what “Still Alice” is (no need for anyone to remind me- I don’t care).

I also will actively avoid any movie with Eddie Redmayne prominently featured. Obviously he won here for playing a disabled person, an Oscar favorite.

Come to think of it, I hated all of these movies but Whiplash. What a year.


Disney should just buy the Oscars and save everyone the hassle.


They already own the TV network that airs them.


What happens when there’s a really funny dramatic action adventure?