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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


So what you’re saying is that there need to be two new Oscars awarded: best remake and best movie in a continuing franchise?


I think it was his turn, which is something that really happens too much. Oldman deserves an Oscar because he’s a brilliant actor but a lot win best actor or director not based on their best work.

Similarly with the technical awards, a film could be quite poor and have amazing costumes or editing or makeup but they go to the usual suspects based on the quality of the overall film. (I loved Blade Runner 2049 but can really see the argument from that guy that Apes did more, what they do is astonishing).

Any cultural contest is bollocks really though. It’s subjectivity to the max.



I think Return of the King was a good example of making it work. I think the Oscars also needs to adapt to what’s being made today - original big budget movies are incredibly rare now, and that’s going to continue. So they must embrace the franchise. I think there’s lots of big hits over the last 5 years that could have been Best Picture: Beauty and the Beast, Ragranok, The Jungle Book, Zootopia, Inside Out, The Martian, Cinderella, Guardians 1, Lego Movie, Frozen, Gravity, Hobbit 2 and yes, Man of Steel as examples.

Giving the vote to previous winners is a silly policy.


I think RotK got it because the Academy blew it by not awarding The Two Towers - which in both Theatrical and Extended versions is superior to RotK in quite a few technical issues. It also “reads” best as a standalone film (of the three LotR films) (and, yes, sadly, there are only three - plus the animated one by Bakshi).


Return of the King won as a proxy for the whole trilogy. I don’t think it would have won if they were deep in production on 5 more Tolkein movies.

I don’t know, I don’t see a lot of appeal in a best picture race that is like the 5th Thor movie versus the 4th Despicable Me movie.



The tag part about superhero movies was spot on.



Get Out (horror) and The Shape of Water (sci-fi) got loads of nominations (and wins) and Logan (superhero/comic book) was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

There’s a start.


Avatar was nominated for best movie, even though it was dogshit!


Return of the King won Best Picture.


It should have earned a Lifetime Achievement Oscar



It’s hard to put up popular nominees when most of the top grossing movies are the kind of movies that don’t get taken seriously by the Oscars. But the Academy has always been pretty political. I don’t care how good How Green Was My Valley was or what you personally think of Citizen Kane; in no universe was it a better movie.

…Hey Jim! Is there anything where your solution isn’t consolidation? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kimmel is as genial a host as you’ll find. I’ve watched a lot of these over the years. He’s a good host no matter what he’s doing. Maybe next year have Matt Damon cohost. That would help doubters appreciate him.

The best thing that could be said about this year’s event was that Kimmel took the piss out of the activism everyone knew was going to happen anyway. Even though every presenter and most of the winners went on soapboxes, the awarding of recipients belied their sentiments. They had a lot of time to choose even more on-the-nose nominees, but they didn’t. And they did after all give Best Picture to a genre movie. If there were more movies being made with that kind of creativity, outside of the franchises, there wouldn’t be as much room for complaining. It’s really a historic opportunity. Between Birdman (which was brilliant) and Shape of Water, hopefully someone gets the point.


Which will be as forgotten as The English Patient.


Rarely. We have more options and less time than ever before, literally tens of thousands of distractions calling for our attention at any given moment. There’s no room for bullshit in 21st century entertainment, and the Oscars is full of bullshit.


It is weird that no actors from the Marvel movies was at the ceremony outside of a few Black Panther people. You’d think with Infinity War around the corner Disney would have planted them all over the place.


Considering it’s a Disney broadcast it’s an amazing miss. Shows how little they think of the ceremony.


I’m sure there is more to it than that. Black Panther, Wrinkle in Time, and Star Wars were all over the place. I know they’ve wrapped shooting on Infinity 2 but maybe the cast were involved in reshoots.