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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


There comes a point where people won’t accept that excuse any more


Ah, there we go. It’ll be interesting to see how Casey Affleck’s career proceeds from here.


You know, I don’t think any of the other dudes in that pictures are likely candidates (fortunately), but how funny would it be if all of them were step by step replaced by Christopher Plummer?


Everyone is a suspect.


He’s already peaked with Manchester, I don’t know where it could go from here.


I don’t know, the guy on the right looks harmless enough.



I really liked A Ghost Story last year. That he wore a sheet over his head for most of the movie didn’t hurt.


There was a good amount of physicality in that in a role that is just an amorphous blob.


For a second I thought Buster Bluth had been photoshopped in over Spacey.


Spielberg has class;



Surprisingly worth reading.

But the only way to not understand that ‘Get Out’ is very timely is to not watch or read any news. Mainstream films don’t often tap into a zeitgeist that directly. It’s winning by being very good, very “now” and not very pretentious about it.


i haven’t had a chance to watch Get Out yet, but laura watched it the other day and said she’s still thinking about it - which is the sign of a very good movie


Yeah, it stuck with me for a couple days after watching. It’s a very enjoyable movie but it’s also a very disturbing one–not just because it portrays racism, but how it portrays racism.


I don’t think it’s the best picture of the year though. But then, I guess the Oscars are never really about that.


I enjoyed it mainly because it was one of the few free-wheeling-fun and not-up-its-end horror films in recent years.

I mean, come on - George Costanza’s boss was in it.


I don’t either. Top 10 for sure. But I’d be happy if it won.


It would be a pretty interesting choice.
In my own personal ranking of the nominees, The Shape of Water and Dunkirk are my top two. Hopefully Three Billboards doesn’t win.


I’d go with Dunkirk.
Shape of Water was well directed, but it’s a badly constructed movie for what it is trying to do.


My pick would be Phantom Thread. I may like Dunkirk a little more than Get Out, but Get Out has more to say and that counts more in awards season. But I’d be fine with any of those three winning. Lady Bird, too.