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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


Yup and there’s Kaya Scodelario and Jack O’Connell to add too.


I will always think of him as Posh Kenneth, however great he is in other things (not seen Get Out yet, but he was great in Black Mirror). Hope he wins.

Interesting that Plummer got nominated for his Spacey replacement role. I wonder how much of that is his performance and how much is him being Not Spacey.


I hear it is very good, it’s not come out here yet, but it’s quite a feat that he gets a nom when they filmed it all in 9 days. He should probably get an award just for that, along with Ridley as they are both ancient and I really envy their productivity. :smile:



He’s the pillar that the whole movie revolves around. It’s pretty astonishing that the finished film works at all. I really enjoyed it.
Poor Scott didn’t get a nomination this time, but then again neither did Villeneuve. Boooo!

Also how did Kong Skull Island get a nomination for visual effects but Valerian did not? You only had to watch a trailer to see the gulf between the two.


I’ll assume because no one saw Valerian and promptly forgot it’s existence the moment it came out. Which sucks for the movie’s VFX team.


There’ll always be an element of that, even with screeners the large voting group will skip a load of them. Technical awards are often given to films that are more popular or critically acclaimed because they liked the film rather than the craft.

Original score had better go to Dunkirk or I’ll be angry. I think it was a work of genius in synthesis of the visuals with the sound.


I always assumed it was because it tended to be the bigger, more expensive (and so mass-appeal) movies that tended to be pushing the boundaries of things like visual effects.

There are some really strong ‘mainstream’ entries in the production design, cinematography, visual effects and editing and sound categories this year, either way.

And even moreso than the original score award I think Dunkirk probably deserves the sound mixing award - the movie really created a soundscape that put you in the middle of things as much as the visuals did.


I thought the effects in Kong: Skull Island were fresh and smooth throughout. TLJ had nothing new, and to be blunt, I could literally see layering, placement of greenscreens and basically good sound mixing covered some clumsy stuff on screen.

Let’s also ask ourselves - “Who is most likely to raise a stir?” Who wins and turns it political or to big issues (like unequal pay)? I’d bet on any of the Supporting Actresses - as that category comes up first.

What happens if Christopher Plummer wins?


Only if Baby Driver can win Sound Editing.


Donald Sutherland will accept the award for him.


I’m going to do my usual best to watch all the best film nominations again this year

This is the only time I really watch movies via dodgy streams as opposed to cinema or on demand

There’s no other option really - kids are young and I can’t get to the cinema plus a lot of the stuff doesn’t hit UK till afterwards


But even Spacey was rumored for Oscar consideration before the scandal broke. For whatever reason that role was going to be pushed for an Oscar regardless.


Y’know, this may be one of the extremely rare times that we might have actually seen two different actors playing the same role in the same movie. I should hope the Spacey version has been saved, somehow. This situation has brought up a unique situation for comparison!




Seems like the best move for everyone. Maybe they can replace him with Christopher Plummer.



I agree, although you have Del Toro anyway.


One at a time, please! These are movies, not an Affirmative Action Caucus. Shut it or I’m going to start with “What’s with all the short people? Why are tall people not properly represented?” And I know Randy Newman has my back.