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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


Exactly. It’s not a competition, it’s marketing for movies and studios. And they double the awards to get double the marketing. I suspect that we’re nearing the end of the line with gender awards though - enough internet warriors will see it as a sexist issue that they’ll force change in the misguided thought that it’ll make any real difference whatsoever.


Good point. I was thinking of films/TV, where I don’t think any other major award is.

It’s only a few years ago that Grammys stopped being awarded separately for best male/female singers.


And because of that, if they go gender neutral, they’ll find a way to keep the number of awards up.


Because the Oscar ceremony isn’t too long already :expressionless:


Another obvious way is to split awards into different categories of movie (as some Awards shows already do), which I think is just as spurious a distinction but may be less controversial - and actually may make it easier for less ‘dramatic’ roles to dominate.


“The award for best actor working against a green screen goes to…”


Best CGI Raccoon in a Leading Role


I’m still kind of surprised the Oscars haven’t added a “Best Ensemble” award like the SAG awards have.


They should add stunt coordination. There’s been pressure for years and they’ve resisted. The reason most often stated is they don’t want anyone taking a stupid risk in order to get an Oscar.

My understanding though, is that most stunts that go wrong are down to factors other than ambition. People are hurt or even killed when relatively routine stunts are rushed or badly prepared, not because someone was trying to jump or fall further than anyone before.


They could use it to address an existing moan and split comedy off from drama like the Golden Globes so every winner doesn’t have to be in a ‘worthy’ role.

(Of course that will start the problem the GGs have with defining which is which but there you go). :smile:

Edit: and yes as David suggests, there have been requests for a mo-cap section too.

You’ll also probably end up with complaints, as you do with ethnicity, if no woman wins it for 5 years on the bounce.


Fixed that for you.





Lil Rel Howery was hilarious as Rod.


I hope it wins, especially to see how peels makes fun of that categorization!


The Golden Globes pull a couple of these weird catergorisation things every year. It seems that ‘comedy or musical’ features anything that isn’t a straight up serious drama. So they’ll lump horror in there for no particular reason. :smile:


Yeah, a lot of the categories are kind of anachronistic at this point. All the major award shows are long overdue for an overhaul of their systems.


Yeah in TV especially they seem to have a lot of confusion over what is a mini series or continual show etc now that the cable and streaming services don’t follow the standard models of 20-30 years ago.


Don’t ask me to extrapolate, but word from inside is that there is much awareness of this matter of categories, but it’s a war zone. WW1 type, what with folks in each position deeply entrenched.

I’ve seen years when there were fifteen “best” films, and years where there were none and everybody should have stayed home with their heads hung in shame.

I cannot think of a worse punishment for daring to be in the entertainment industry than being forced to attend an awards show.