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That’s a bit sad and dishonorable actually. It seems a bit spiteful to call them out by name. It just makes everyone look bad.

After all, it didn’t really hurt anyone, and certainly more people talked about the Oscars the next day than any previous awards ceremony this century (except maybe the Kanye-Swift VGA thing).


Yes but I think you could argue in return that their ‘punishment’ is hardly the worst either. As far as I can see they carry on with their jobs, they just miss out on the Oscar gig once a year.


They’re being thrown under the bus, for the greater good. Warren Beatty in particular wants someone else’s name out there.

Expect next year’s Oscar host to make at least one joke about all this,


Which is fair enough given that so many people are blaming him for a cock-up that wasn’t really his fault.


Are you admitting that it was your fault, Dave?


I am neither confirming nor denying that it was my fault.

I can sympathise with being distracted by Emma Stone though.


And has repercussions that you could see coming a mile away:

I think it’s probably more irresponsible to have put their names out there than it is to have mixed up the envelopes in the first place.


There’s a question nowadays of how private you can keep it when Cullinan was tweeting from the wings. They had already named them I saw on Good Morning Britain before the Academy said anything.


Not sure if it’s been posted yet, but this is pure gold.

made only better by Kimmel’s remarks in the background.


It’s not so much their names being discoverable as the blame being so explicitly attributed by PWC - it’s a blatant “here’s who to deserves to cop a load of shit for this” statement that I imagine is a red rag to a bull for the kind of unhinged people who do this sort of thing.

Edit: I was mistaken in attributing the latest statement to PWC, the statement didn’t come from them, it was a statement to AP from Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs.



Ya. The professional thing to do would have been to take it on the chin as a business and handle the employee matter behind closed doors.

There are two copies of each envelope. They mixed the redundant one up with the Best Picture one. It’s not the end of the fucking world. There are several points at which the situation could have been averted. The envelope said Best Actress on the outside and had Emma Stone’s name on the inside. So while the error started with those named, it could have been averted further down the line. The problem is people lost face and that’s a huge commodity in Hollywood. It should have just been laughed off and people move on.


Yep. I know that organising these kinds of events is a stressful and charged affair where everyone knows that it only takes one mistake for the whole show to look very bad, and that be the only thing that people remember about it, so I understand the Academy having strong feelings about it and wanting to make it clear that they were not at fault. But PWC moved very quickly to accept the blame immediately after the event, so I don’t see why they couldn’t just leave it at that.


The stepdad of an old girlfriend was an associate director for one (I thought it was two but I can’t find the credit for the second) of the Academy Awards broadcasts. So ya the whole thing is pretty stressful as there are a lot of egos in play.


I hate having to accept that this maybe something somebody whose work I love has actually done. I am at this point with Woody Allen though - I don’t really want to watch his movie anymore.

With Louis CK, it’s scattered rumours at this point, so I’m ignoring it.


It is unfortunate and a little disgraceful. When there is a mistake of this sort, the most honorable thing to do is simply take responsibility as an organization. The Academy and PWC should have protected them rather than allowed this to get even worse. Now, it’s ugly, and not funny.



In case anyone cares:

The real news here is that it’s gender-neutral, which seems so obvious that I hope other awards will follow suit. There is no reason why male and female actors shouldn’t be competing on a level playing field.


I always assumed it was just to give Awards shows two of each acting award, not because there was a perception that either was inferior.