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Yeah, they do.

That said…that said…he definitely deserved that oscar.


I don’t know if Casey Affleck is guilty? Just like I don’t know if Nat Turner was cleared of a crime he actually committed?

I don’t know what the vast majority of people have, or haven’t done but we live in societies that have legal processes and we sign up to believe they work well enough in most cases.

And then, sometimes, we don’t believe it, but I really don’t know if he’s guilty or not?


Casey was accused or what about some mischief? I don’t know this story.

I follow celebrity lives just about enough to see if it impacts projects I’m interested in, otherwise they are just folks with messed-up lives like anybody else. This, my experience says, speaks to both Afflecks having both the acting bug and definite trouble establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship. But, that’s just a wee obvious!



Thanky, Steve! I get the situation fairly clearly. Rings true with my "read’ of the Brothers Affleck.

They could both profit tremendously from a short time with a really good therapist, or a long time with some mediocre therapists. I think they’ve both had a long long time with maintenance managers; some improvement but that can be moot as they have also aged and been exposed to many other (perhaps better) influences.



Spacehog is still around?


But will they ever return?
No, they’ll never return,
and their fate is still unlearned
They may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston
They’re the men who never returned.

Okay, that’s obscure, even for me.


Ive seen some articles state that because he settled out of court it’s an indication of his guilt.


We’ve all seen those articles, and not just about him, about anything where that happens.


I tend to agree and I definitely don’t agree with trial by media or the court of public opinion.

It’s a tricky subject made trickier by the data we have on sexual assault - which suggests it’s extraordinarily rare for women to falsify attacks against people not their partners.

Largely, though, I think we lack the facts to make a conclusion either way.


I don’t think most people run the numbers, I think they go with their gut; which basically means they believe what they want to believe.

If they like the person they want to believe they’re innocent, if the reverse is true then they presume guilt.

Even if the cases had gone to court, a lot of people would accept or reject the eventual decision based on their feelings about those involved and the nature of the allegations.

I’m in the position of not really knowing that much about Casey Affleck, I’ve seen him in films a few times but not enough to be a fan.

So I really don’t know where the truth is here and my gut has no opinion ether.


A defence lawyer I know goes by the mantra “Believe in the system. Justice always wins eventually” by which he means: : if someone escapes prosecution, chances are they’ll get caught for something else sooner or later.


I heard the same thing from a policeman. It’s a cynical view, but they have more experience to draw from.


I think that’s true. I like to think I try and be as objective as possible but it does play a part. I’m more inclined to play down in my mind allegations against say Louis CK and Woody Allen because I like their work. I’m completely indifferent to Casey Affleck as I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything.


It always bothers me when they are obviously linked to smear campaigns because of an award and then disappear after that’s done. It makes me feel like even the people reporting it didn’t give a shit about the alleged victim and were only using them.

Hollywood is an odd place too where the punishment by the crowd doesn’t always seem to fit the crime.


People often chance upon platforms to voice personal causes.

We probably should end this conversation because we may be nearing an area none of are really equipped to discuss.


That’s fair. Good call.


I love this story


Ian McKellen posted this earlier.

Dear Faye and Warren:
Next time, do what I always do when presenting. Backstage, before you go on, slyly and gently prise open the envelope and sneak a preview of its contents. If anyone asks what you are up to, explain you need may need to check the pronunciation of the winner’s name or indeed who the winner actually is!
Ian x