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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


An interesting list to wake up to.

I haven’t seen ‘Moonlight’ yet, but I have no problem with a film that many people really love and (maybe more importantly) respect taking the top prize. It’ll reach a few more people now, hopefully some of them will take something important away from seeing it?

‘La La Land’ is the fun choice, and a hit, it’s not going to fade away. ‘Hell or High Water’ is a minor classic, it’s going to be around for a long time too , ‘Arrival’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ are both mainstream and critical hits. etc., everything nominated this year was a good choice.

Best Director is fine. Not unexpected, but only Gibson would’ve been a shock, and only because of who he is, not his lack of ability.

Of the rest, it’s a good list of winners.

I thought Jeff Bridges was great in ‘Hell or High Water’ but he was being very Jeff Bridges’ so I’ve got no problem with the prize going to Mahershala Ali.

'La La Land’s collection of technical/artistic awards is good, they clearly worked really hard to create that real/unreal world.

I know the composer of the short documentary subject winner, ‘The White Helmets’ (he did the score for the zombie short I did VFX for) so I’m happy that he was part of that. He’s in LA for the ceremony and he was taking meetings based on the nomination anyway, hopefully it’ll bump his career to the next level, he’s a good guy.

That’s as close to a personal stake as I had this year. :smile:

I’m glad ‘Jungle Book’ won for VFX. Everyone nominated was great, but they were better.






Yeah, some late recognition for Amazing Spider-Man would be awesome :thumbsup:


My Twitter feed is full of people who torrented the film and are “crying” because it won. I feel like the producers would have preferred their money to their internet tears in terms of support?

Anyway, that is modern entertainment consumption in a nutshell.


Yeah - that’s sort of the nut of it. Modern Entertainment, and the reason the Oscars are popular, is sort of the cultural currency it provides in the form of talking points.

People forget it’s an industry sometimes, and imprint politics and social welfare onto it.


As a straight white dude who lives on the New England coast and is depressing and drinks too much, my identity politics were well represented by Manchester on the Sea.


I haven’t seen it - but I did think of you when I watched Everybody Wants Some.

Which was really good, and only didn’t get a look in because Boyhood was so popular in 2015.


My favourite part of the Oscars every year is seeing the Guardian contort itself into knots the next day, to try and find some political reason to justify a Daily Mail-style rundown of pictures from the red carpet.

They didn’t disappoint this year.

“…now here are some photos of actresses in beautiful dresses!”


Is there some way we can blame this on the Trump administration? Because I would feel so much better if it was his fault.


She completed her EGOT last night? That’s very cool.

Lin-Manuel could have had he won. He would have been the youngest ever.


Let’s face it, in terms of voting results that are then revealed to be wrong, the Oscars is definitely not at the top of the wish-list for the last 12 months.


She doesn’t have a Grammy yet.


Never mind EGOT, she’s got a BOGSET.


That is a problematic position, really.


The Golden Globe threw me off. :wink:



So, those allegations of sexual misconduct concerning Casey Affleck.

That does leave a bitter taste.