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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


That may all be very well and good, Patrick, and see also my comments on it’s two stars BUT:

If you don’t get a gold man with no penis, there’s no gold man with no penis for you, if you get what I mean.


Ongoing, almost life-long joke. Tim, Jen and I all hate musicals. Just how it is for two blues-rockers and one punk. Lifelong Hollywood people, and those two in the industry. Overall, it’s not a good time for ‘Hollywood’ to get all self-congratulatory and smarmy. After all, we just lost an election.






'* fart noise*



I checked the 2017 and couldn’t see one but there is Transformers: The Last Knight which rhymes with it so I think that’s a certainty now for Best Picture.


It’s not too late to rename something already in production.

Captain Underpants-light.


Captain Underpants-Light is a serious movie about a famous concert pianist who gets aids and uncovers a sexual abuse scandal.


…friggin’ jokes…


I really don’t understand the need to be oppositional – I saw both films and loved them both. They’re very different of course, but each in its own way is a classic, and both of them made for a wonderful time at the movies.


Yeah - someone just posted on my Facebook Wall:

“Moonlight! So glad it won over a film that looks like a boring hetero love-fest”,

For a lot of people, this wasn’t about a film, it was about diversity triumphing - that’s pretty evident when people are bagging on a film they haven’t even seen.


(Bendis) Retweeted Kevin Maguire (@maguirekevin):

The one way they could have saved that would have been to cut to the control room and show that the Oscars were being directed by Deadpool.


I hate both films, having seen neither.

But everyone likes an underdog - LLL went into this as the favourite, and it still cleaned up Actress and Direction nods.


Well, I think in a pool that boasts Hidden Figures, Fences and Lion - it would look pretty bad if La La Land won.

But personally I’m just angry that Birdman didn’t win.

Birdman should win it every year and it should be called “The Birdmans”.


I think there’s always a fair degree of that.

I actually like it when the awards are split, we also got Manchester By The Sea for best actor. Mainly because it suggests a bit more that the voters have actually watched them. :smile:


The truth is out!

Edit: They definitely gave Warren Beatty the wrong card, some close-ups on TV now are showing it had “Best Actress in a Leading Role” on the outside.


So he should have said - “The Academy Award for Best Film IS … EMMA STONE!”


He actually didn’t say anything, he’s confused, is looking to see if there’s another piece of paper, hands it to Faye Dunaway to check and she says “La La Land” very confidently as apparent the words said - Emma Stone, La La Land.



So Faye Dunaway is the evil one!


I think we need to go back and check whether Birdman really won in 2015.