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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


Sam Jackson should present every award.


I have to admit I can’t stand Gosling except when he is playing a putz like in the Nice Guys.

If this guy actually wins an Oscar I am fully prepared to give it one million barfs.


He’s just the worst, isn’t he?


I would never see Hacshaw Ridge but from these clips it looks abysmal.


The very talky first half is awful, but the second half is basically one long battle scene, and is kind of fun, if you don’t mind brutal violence and gore.


You’re a jerk-face and I hate you and you’re a jerk.


You’re a double-jerk, and your face is a double-jerk face.


The world’s worst? :wink:


I…I like Ryan Gosling…


You’re the best and everything about you is great.

Here! Have one million dollars!!!


All of you be quiet Emma Stone is winning stuff.


But she’s a Marvel actress, Robert.


Amazing Spider-Man movies don’t count because they didn’t actually happen.

Besides this Oscar was a make-up for her not winning for Easy A.


Well, kiddies, it is now the Oscar-Winning Suicide Squad.

2017 is not turning out at all well.


Wait until you see who won best picture. :laughing:


I watched Easy A recently too.

It’s great.

Emma Stone is great. If anyone says a bad word about Emma Stone we’re enemies 4 life.


Suicide Squad in a last minute upset! Amazing!

Oho - they pulled a Steve Harvey!


Wow, don’t give the card to senior citizens!


What the fuck???



Okay. Calm down, Miqque. Jen is much closer. It’s her brother. Let her handle it. Let her handle it…