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The Believer, The Ides of March, Half Nelson…


@Bernadette, @TMasters & @KandorLives - :sleeping:


You didn’t answer our questions, Ronald.


Who’s Ronald? :wink:


Youre clearly avoiding the questions - place Mr Ronald Mayes in contempt and remove all films from his collection and replace them with “Only God Forgives”.

If he dislikes Mr Gosling so much its only fitting we give him proper reason to.


I’ve definitely seen Drive. I don’t remember any of the others.


Take him away!


But Tim, Only God Forgives is my favourite.



TOO much Refn!


That’s impossible!


It is possible because: " Only God Forgives "!


Ronald is in wind-up mode, surely? I know I go on about how gorgeous Gosling is, well he is, but that doesn’t matter. Although the camera does adore him. He’s old-school Hollywood in a way. But I just think he’s an extraordinary talent. I’ve yet to be disappointed by any role he’s played. He’s fantastic in all the films mentioned. He should probably do more comedy in the future. Ronnie’s just jealous of his jackets in Drive and Beyond the Pines.


His jackets are freaking rad.


Ryan Gosling was very cool with the tour group. He got up and greeted them. Very nice.


Well, he is one of the nice guys. :wink:


He seems like a very nice guy. I wish I liked his work more for that reason if no other.


And he can sing. Kinda sickening when you think about it. No wonder Ronnie’s jealous. :wink:

I’d quite happily marry his freaking rad jackets.


I think I would too!


Drive was fine but standing stock still with an emotionless face isn’t really acting. He’s fine, largely believable in everything I’ve seen of him but no way is he one of our finest actors.

He’d be well served sticking to comedic, wise-acre roles. He’s got a naturally smirking face, and did well enough in The Big Short.



The next person to bad mouth Gosling is my enemy 4 life!

I’m freakin serious people! We’re on verrry thin ice here! Gosling is my John Cena!