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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


I’m surprised Silence has seemingly been ignored this awards season.
It’s a pretty daunting watch, but ultimately worthwhile.
I’m not sure I could watch it again though.


Came out late in the season and apparently Paramount dropped the ball in promoting it - speculation is that that’s why Scorsese’s similarly long-gestating upcoming The Irishman is going to Netflix instead.

I must admit even as a huge Scorsese fan I have no interest in Silence.


But he tried to make it for twenty years!

Boyhood took twelve years to make, sure. But Scorsese tried to make Silence for twenty years!
I thought the Academy loved stories like that?


My oldest friend sits on the AMPAS Board of Governors.

His sister and I have threatened his life if La La Land wins.

We don’t like some musicals.


I just hope the sexual harassmer Casey Afflect is denied Oscar gold.


For those staying up, here’s the order the awards are given out in:

Supporting Actor
Makeup and Hairstyling
Costume Design
Documentary Feature
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Supporting Actress
Foreign Language Film
Animated Short
Animated Feature
Production Design
Visual Effects
Film Editing
Live Action Short
Documentary Short
Original Score
Original Song
Original Screenplay
Adapted Screenplay
Leading Actor
Leading Actress
Best Picture

So lots of technical awards for the next hour or so.


Booooo. (I haven’t actually seen La La Land yet, but still BOOOO! :angry: ). The only thing cardboard within that statement is your winky face. :wink:


I’m refusing to stay up, which is okay as it’s 10am here.

I liked Kimmel’s opening section, a couple of duff bits but I did laugh out loud a couple of times.

Suicide Squad is now “the Oscar Winning Suicide Squad”.



In the only battle that matters it’s DC 1, Marvel 0.


Well, thanks a lot Dwayne. I’m going to have your Moana song stuck in my head for the next week.


Still insane to me how Mel Gibson seems to be back in Hollywoods graces.


Boom, Viola Davis. DC 2, Marvel 0.


Maharshala Ali was in Luke Cage!


Just saw that the little boy in Moonlight completely geeked out because he met Spider-Man, and it was Andrew Garfield. Pay no mind to the touching moment in this photo. This is an outrage! Garfield isn’t film Spidey canon.


I watched ASM2 last night - part of it is a really fun kids adventure so I understand his love for Garfield.

The other part… Well…


He’s just never done it for me. He always seems to sleepwalk through scenes.


You’re so right. His eyes are very dreamy. :heart_eyes:

Have you seen Blue Valentine? He definitely wasn’t sleepwalking in that.



Have you seen Beyond the Pines? Or Drive?

He’s pretty powerful in both of those.


The Big Short? The Nice Guys?