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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


That’s not surprising.
Whiplash and La La Land were from the same creator.


You take that back.


You should really watch Birdman, you’d like it.


Birdman 2: Homecoming is due later this year. Looks like something of a departure from the earlier installment.


I know, TP. Hopefully he gets to win all of the Oscars this time.


Hang on. Amy Adams didn’t get nominated for Best Actress? :frowning:


Yeah, that’s the biggest snub, especially with Arrival doing well otherwise. It’s possible her vote was split with Nocturnal Animals.


It’s very likely. I remember the Oscars being discussed on Five Live and they predicted that would happen.


Hard to imagine this year’s Oscars not being very political in the speeches.


Next to last years I’m Dreaming of a White Oscar, this still sucks.

This from someone whose brother-from-another-mother sits on the AMPAS board. His sister doesn’t like the nominees, I don’t like the nominees, and he won’t - as usual - commit to anything.

And, gawd, I just hate musicals!


Can anyone remember the score for Passengers?
Did anyone else here even see that movie?
Because I don’t remember any music at all.


A little bummed that Sing Street didn’t get recognized in the Best Song category. Amy Adams also deserved a nomination, but the Academy couldn’t deny Streep her annual nod. Beside, Adams, like always, wasn’t going to win. So I guess it’s fine.


And the fact she was in Batman vs Superman. You knew that was gonna hurt her chances.

Please get me out of this movie!


Are you kidding? If you added the Millarworld votes for best movie of last year then BvS, Arrival and Nocturnal Animals clearly peg her as the actress of 2016.


No, I’m always completely serious.


So was Michael Shannon! And Viola Davis was in Suicide Squad, and she’s almost certainly going to win.


For a brief moment, Amy Adams’ name was listed amongst the best actress nominees for the 2017 Oscars.

But sadly for her, and her legion of fans, it was simply a typo.

That’s just so mean :frowning:


I hope I’ll get to see Manchester by the Sea in a theatre; I don’t think it’s been out in Germany yet.

You know I don’t have the problems with La La Land that you do, and I’d be perfectly fine with it winning best movie - there’s been far worse picks over the years. But let’s be honest here, it’s also just the kind of movie that Hollywood loves to give Oscars to. It’s about Hollywood, it takes place in LA, it’s about the importance of art and movies and storytelling… you can already see the Academy members salivating.

Whereas they don’t have a great history of giving awards to low-key dramas like Manchester by the Sea, unfortunately. I think the last time they did, that was Million Dollar Baby.

It’s an interesting race this year, though. Very diverse in genre, and a lot of good movies.


Yeah, I know that you don’t.
It’s just that…to bring back the Artist into the conversation…that was a better attempt at a homaging old school techniques than La La Land was.


I totally agree.

La La Land was beautiful and very entertaining.

The Artist was a masterpiece through and through.