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Oscars and Other Movie Awards


Not at all.


I am both shocked and appalled.

That movie was a masterpiece.


Fair enough. Finding Dory felt like one of those old Disney DTV sequels to me, I felt like it tried to emulate the heart of the first one and failed, so it ended up as a pretty generic-feeling funny-talking-animal film.

Moana I thought had a lot more going for it, I really liked the designs and the ideas - and the music too.


I’ll be honest: I haven’t seen it. It had a “wait for cable, if I get around to it even then” feel it. It looked like Osca bait to me.

La La Land, on the other hand, was simply different from anything else out last year. It was unique and very good. That needs to be rewarded.


It was different, but I felt it was less well executed.
I’ve voiced the opinion somewhere else on this board, but what dragged down La La Land for me was the clashing of the two styles of filmmaking at the beginning and at the end.

Manchester By The Sea, on the other hand, is a simple conceit done excruciatingly well.
It’s marvelous.

And marvelousness should be rewarded over novelty.


I personally think La La Land was of exceptional quality.

I can see it winning the way The Artist went to town in 2011.


Yes, due to novelty.


Sure, but you could make that argument for Batman vs Superman or Trolls.


I fail to see your point here.


Do you though?




The Artist was a fantastic film and deserved the five Oscars it received.




I have no idea what you’re on about.


Haha, it was a good film.
I’m not denying that. And it did deserve to win against the competition that year.

But let’s not say that the idea behind it wasn’t more the cause than the actual quality.


And execution.

If novelty would be the single issue on which Oscars are given, Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS and Herzogs Auch Zwergen haben kleine Anfangen would be record holders.


Tim’s Australian. Just nod and back away slowly.


Don’t be facetious, you know I meant throwback to Hollywood Movie Musicals.
But I say that’s the weakest aspect to La La Land.


Look, all I’m saying is that a movie should win best picture.

It’s not that controversial. Gawd.


The more I mull over the movie in my mind, the more similarities I’m finding between La La Land and Whiplash.
Who stole best picture from Whiplash? Birdman?