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Original poster for Superman The Movie - AMAZING!


I just came across this. It’s an incredibly rare poster from the Cannes Film Festival 1977 shortly after they got Donner and literally weeks after they signed Brando and Hackman.

You kind of forget how big these guys would have been in 77 and even though they didn’t have a finished script or know what they were going to look like in the film this was their big statement at Cannes, a cropped version of which they flew from a plane over the festival.

I love the wee Clark Kent down in the corner, obviously weeks before Reeve got cast, the build and hair being a little more George Reeves.

They must have knocked this together in 5 mins but there’s something brilliantly primal about this.



Is the story true that for just 10 minutes’ screen time Brando was the highest paid actor on Superman?


Mark, this is amazing.

In all honesty though, my first thought was , “This should be a cover for Chrononauts” …


Someone sat in an office with a scalpel and a pot of glue making that while rich people shouted around them.

“Who’s got a good picture of Brando? No, not from ‘The Godfather’!”

“What about Hackman? What do we do about the hair? Is he going to be bald? What about the moustache?!”


“Can you try and line their collars up so that they look like an A-list Zaphod Beeblebrox?”


I think it’s that it was the most any actor had ever been paid, full stop? And yes, for 10 mins or whatever of screen time.


Up until that moment, of course. 20 mill was the 90s big payday and some guys (I don’t know how public it is) now making over 50 million a picture including back-end.



RDJ was widely reported to be getting $50+ on the first Avengers movie, so who knows what he’s getting now.


It’s pretty much confirmed that RDJ is making that kind of money working for Marvel.

Other like Tom Hanks are probably getting it for a mega hit film like ‘Da vinci Code’, and someone like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise gets a producing fee for developing the bigger movies they appear in.

It’s not the 80’s or even the 90’s but there’s still huge amounts of money out there for some people.


Brando’s still making bank;


It’s crazy, Hackman with hair and mustage and Brandon pic it’s a really old one, the were selling the movie without anything


@Mark_Millar - Next time you’re in Hollywood proper - near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue (Highland is where one exits the … wait for it …Hollywood Freeway. the 134?) - with some time to use and plastic cards burning holes in your pocket you might want to go here:

They were open a decade before I was born. Been there hundreds of times. Want a Kirk Alyn lobby card for Superman Vs. Atom Man? They have it, or can get it. They would likely be interested in the location of a certain cape and stuffed kitty-cat.

And right around the corner was the Cherokee Bookstore. Oh my, oh my!

After pillaging the spinner racks in the neighborhood liquor stores and supermarkets and local drug store (who didn’t have a spinner rack, they had a 20’ custom-made wooden magazine display … what would you call it? Monument? Edifice? Oak sneeze guard? it was big) - then, if anything should dare be missing the massive newsstand at Hollywood and Ivar, and then … Cherokee.

It was like going to SDCC today as a kid from the mid-1950’s. Like stepping onto the Enterprise transporter. Like John Carter wakening on Barsoom.

Thought you might like it.


That’s pretty cool, Miqque. I honestly didn’t think they had comic shops like that in 1965.


One of the perks of growing up in Hollywood, David!

One of the downsides - last time I was there I saw a building Tim and I had stuck gum on and engraved our initials in about 1967 or so.
It’s still there.


Which goes a long way in explaining the La Brea Tar Pits and the sidewalks that periodically light on fire! :fire: