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@BobbyS I have a confession to make. I nicked your mugshot sheet idea. In my defence, it’s too good a concept not to!

Started a sheet of point and click adventure game characters at Cardiff Film and Comic Con yesterday, though only got one character on it. Manny from Grim Fandango by Jorge Molina (£15).

Also got an Usagi sketch by Stan Sakai for £55. While he was doing it, he was telling me that he’s off to Japan soon to research an upcoming story about Christianity coming to Japan, which sounds like it’ll make for an interesting story.

I went by Doug Wheatley’s table as well, hoping to get a sketch, but he was already half-doing one and fully distracted from that talking to another guy at length about everything from movie production, celebrity culture, realism about what you can achieve in drawing etc so after marvelling at his original art pages (including the original for that famous Vader Nooo! page, which is fantastic) for a while and getting drawn into his talk for a bit, I cut my losses and made my excuses to go. Fantastic artist though - the shading on his pencils is unreal and he showed a “rough sketch” of Conan he’d done on the train over which was amazing.

The convention as a whole definitely felt like a business exercise compared to something like Auto Assembly or a local con - all the comics guests were hidden away on the top floor (where I got lost - twice!) with very little signage, while the main floor was given over to dealers and actors (most of whom were rarely at their tables, from what I saw). The “comic zone” felt more like a hang-out spot for cosplayers than anything else.


Nice one. Off to a great start there.


Some Milne/Shearer Transformers More Than Meets The Eye issue 50 pages for sale here.


Bought some pages in a Christmas sale on an art dealer website.

Iron first, deathlok and gambit.


Dug this old Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) sketch of myself out.


Here’s some other old bits and bobs

Ghost Rider - Mike Ploog

Judge Dredd

She Hulk - Ben Oliver

Damien Wayne - Ben Oliver

She Hulk vs Power Girl - Matteo Scalera

Wolverine - Matteo Scalera


Got this from Gene Ha at C2E2. I’ll have to take some pictures of the additions I made to my S shield collection when I get the chance.


@Mark_Millar thought you might like this? I met John M Burns in Cardiff once and he did me a George and Lynne sketch. It was definitely the boobs that drew me to reading this strip as a kid, weirdly skipping page 3 to go straight to the strips :wink:


Got some new ones in KY LexCon this year.

Nathan Fox (FBP)

Norgal (Headlopper) - Andrew McClean

Shitty Batman - Jim Mahfood

Cowboy up - Chris Schweizer

Judge Death - Ben Templesmith

Peeeeaaaaaccceee! - Skottie Young

Managed to grab this Hellboy Beer too, not original art obviously but super limited, they’re like rocking horse shit now.


I love the energy Mahfood always puts into his work. Great stuff. Did you ask him for a shitty Batman?


Jealous. I’ve been keeping my eye out for the Hellboy beer. Still haven’t came across it.


The guy is genius, his work is an instantly recognisable product, you see it and you know it’s him. I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with Jim a few times, I’m mates with Justin Stewart who does a lot of Jims colour work (21st Century Tank Girl, Howard the Human and the upcoming Grrl Scouts from Image), so been out to KY to stay at Justin’s with Jim a couple times while he’s been in town for the Lexington Con, both the best kind of people. I think this was a chuck away/warm up that he gave me, I have a bunch of other work by Jim, I’ll post a piece tomorrow I think you might like. :+1:t3:


Pretty sure they were a limited run and now completely sold out, I tried to buy online and send to the uk when they came out, but the company wanted $180 postage to send two beers to me, the beers were about $8 each on top. I got my friend Justin to buy me two in the states last year, then picked them up and brought them back in my suitcase a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t tried the beer (it’s red) but the bottle was worth the wait :wink:


That’s really freaking cool. I’ve dug his work since I first saw it. Probably thanks to a collaboration with Joe Casey (because he finds the coolest artists). I follow him on social media and love looking at his sketches and doodles and pieces. It’s great that he’s cool in real life too.
I would enjoy most pieces by him, I think. :wink:


Here’s an old & new sketch from Sam Kieth.

Samplings & Dabblings Sandman Gallery Edition Remarqued


He did that Miami Vice Remix with Casey, did you check that out? Have a gander at this, had to mail it home, couldn’t get it in my suitcase. Got this amazing original canvas by Jim.


Here are some of the additions to my S shield from C2E2 2016.

Mark Waid (unsigned):

Jamal Igle:

Yanick Paquette (He was not happy with his attempt):

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez:

Ryan Browne:

Gene Ha (Earth-23 Superman. Actually designed after Mohammed Ali not Barrack Obama):

Khary Randolph:


Sketch by Nick Pitarra in my M.H.P. Volume 2 picked up last week at Edinburgh Comic Con.


Ah yeah, I checked out the first issue and dug it, but I’ve never seen the show and I sorta decided to wait for a trade. Was there ever one? I think I first noticed his art back when they did Marijuanaman?
That canvas is a beauty though. Wow! And there’s no way it could ever be mistaken for somebody else’s work. His art is his signature.

Those are all great additions but that one is my favourite. It just looks so right.
Did Gene Ha want to do draw his own logo or did you ask him? That Earth-23 issue was a great one.
What was meeting Mark Waid like?


Jose Luis was very kind. It was nice to meet him.

Gene Ha asked if he could do the S he designed. I was glad to say yes. Ethan Van Sciver did something similar.

Mark Waid was very nice. I complimented him on Black Widow #1 and he gave Chris Samnee all the credit.