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That Thunderbolt is amazing.


It only seems to work on pictures that are uploaded not linked.

Not mine by the way but a picture I took at Kubert School.


I pretty much always get my sketches/commissions on individual sheets of paper but back when I first started collecting them I got them in books.


Really digging that Nemesis the Warlock


So this is an interesting piece of comics history. This is an eBay listing for Rob Liefeld’s prelim drawing for the cover of New Mutants #98. I have it on good authority that it’s legit. It’s well out of my price range but interesting that it has been out there all of these years.


How good is this “authority”? Who put him in charge? & why wasn’t I briefed on the matter?


I asked Rob. Is that good enough authority? :wink:


Finally got a few of my Chris Giarusso sketch cards framed up. Went for a Captain America set first, given we’re only months away from Civil War (gave up waiting for a Black Widow to go with them).




Those look great!


Just back from London Film and Comic Con. I think this was probably the worst convention I’ve ever been to from a ‘comic guest’ perspective. That’s more based on quantity not quality. I counted 10 writers/artists in total. That said, the punters benefited by being able to chat to them for extended periods of time with no queues. I managed to get two more muppets sketches on my jam piece (Beaker - Lew Stringer and Piggy - Gary Whitlock) and started a new one with the theme of Usagi Yojimbo characters. I got Stan to do the center piece naturally and then had Doug Wheatley did a Jei and Jesus Merino (possibly the nicest creator I’ve met) popped in a Gen. (you might need to click on it to get all three characters fully appear)


That Usagi set is fantastic. It’s weird seeing creator-owned characters drawn by other artists (like with a lot of those Usagi auction pieces that were done a couple of years ago to help with Sharon Sakai’s medical bills) but that Jei is brilliant.

I’m hoping to go by the Cardiff equivalent next weekend, which Sakai is at. Out of interest, what were the prices like on art, sketches, sigs etc?


All sigs free. The only people I’ve ever seen charge in 20+ UK cons are Neal Adams (£20), Humberto Ramos (£3 or £10 for ASM 1), Mike Zeck (not sure how much he was) and Alex Sinclair/Scott Williams (free but only if you bought something from them). Those last four were all from last weeks LSCC.

As for sketches, Sakai was £55 for a quickie sketch or £140 for a more finished piece. He also had some pre done sketches in his folder that ranged from £100 up to £300. He was doing quick 1 minute sketches for free in each book he signed. My sketchcard size piece was £25.

Other prices were:

Lew Stringer - Beaker £5
Gary Whitlock - Piggy £5
Jesus Merino - Gen - free but I bought a print from him (He was charging £60 headshot, £80 bust, £100 Full fig)
Doug Wheatley - Jei - free but I bought a print (not sure what he was charging for sketches otherwise)

The only other artists were Jim Balent who was doing free sketches for anyone who bought some stuff from him and Jorge Molina who was £100 headshot, £150 bust, £300 full fig.

This is a not-bad source of prices.


Ah cool, that’d be enough for me. Well, I may cave for a £100 piece, but I probably shouldn’t.

And thanks for the link, that’s really handy.


I met Sinclair once at Wizard World Chicago with Jim Lee. He was signing free then but he was also at the DC booth.


Here’s the quick 1 min sketch he did in my saga books.


That Sakai set is amazing.


Inspired by Martin’s sketch from Kei Zama, I bought her sketchbook and paid a bit extra for an original sketch inside. I chose Rock N Roll from G.I. Joe.


Ooo, nice. Rock and Roll definitely fits her style.


$10 for the book, $10 worldwide shipping and $15 for the sketch. Well worth it.