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Those are cracking Bobby! Love the mugshots.


Cheers Dave. I literally thought of that in the hotel Friday night. I figured I couldn’t spend my usual sum with the job situation and all, so I went for smaller stuff. Some were free, most were £5 and two were £10. I’m now planning Mugshots 3 - The Cantina, Mugshots 4 - Jabbas Palace, Wacky Races Mugshots and Rocky Balboa opponents Mugshots.


I’ve been meaning to buy some original art for a while, as we’re at the point where we’re decorating our new house, and I quite wanted something related to my comics hobby to hang on the wall. But once I started thinking about what kind of thing I wanted, I ended up with quite a few requirements, so it was difficult to find a piece that suited them all.

Most of all, I wanted a piece from a series that meant something to me - a favourite book that I would be reminded of when I looked at the art; I wanted it to be by one of my favourite artists; I also wanted something that would work outside the context of the sequential art, so a single image that would stand alone without feeling like it was just an isolated part of a larger story; and I wanted something with a strong sense of design that would look eye-catching in and of itself on a wall.

Well a couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and as a bit of a Christmas present to myself I bought this lovely double-splashpage from Ultimates by Bryan Hitch.

It’s a really lovely image and looks particularly sharp ‘in the flesh’ and at full size. Here it is next to a copy of the original issue for scale:

I’m planning to get it framed, and possibly in a similar style to the examples that Patrick posted further upthread, with the cover and pages from the original comic included alongside it. We’ll see what works.

Most of all though, it’s just lovely to see original art close-up and see all the little details that don’t translate to reproduction (except for on those lovely Artist Edition books).

I’m very happy with it anyway, and I can definitely see myself buying another piece or two in future if I find something that feels right.


That’s a very nice piece, Dave. Please post a picture of it after framing.


I will. Might be a few weeks before I have time to get it done properly. Given that there’s quite a lot of white space I think a dark mount might work well.

#128 is having an amazing auction that ends tonight (EST). Kirby, Lee, Byrne, Cassidy… a real who’s who.


This is a commission of Beast Wars Transmetal Megatron that Kei Zama recently did for me.


Very cool. Can I ask how this came about? I’d quiet like one myself.


Kei was offering sketches of various sizes via her Tumblr for a little while.


Paul Smith has some new art for sale on his website.


That Superman one is very cool


Here are my two prized pieces.

Hollow #1 Blank Edition, Sam Kieth The Maxx Maxximized Purple Lable Edition, Sam Kieth The Maxx Maxximized #13 Blank Edition, Fernando Valencia (Me thinking I’ve got skills hehe). Told you all i was a huge Sam Kieth fan.


Good stuff.

On another topic, what do you guys think about artists producing unique one off commissions for fans and then later selling prints of those commissions from scanned images?

I had this Rocket Raccoon and Groot original piece done by JK Woodward.

Then I saw that he was selling prints of it in his shop.

My friend has just had the same thing happen with a Paolo Rivera piece he commissioned. As a punter, once I have paid for a commission of a specific thing that I have individually asked for (and paid for), should the artist ask my permission for any reproductions? Especially if s/he will be selling it for profit?


I’m not sure how I feel about that. One would think that it would bring up the interest in the original art if it came from a piece that was published. That’s if your looking to sell it. I’d be upset if my piece lost its uniqueness. I don’t ever plan on selling anything in my collection. That’s just how I feel about it though. Why would buy just to sell? You want my stuff? You’re gonna have to take it from my cold dead hands!


I think it might depend on whether they sold the reprint rights to you as well. A good friend runs a small comic show and has purchased commissioned work from some prominent artists to use as prints for his show. With those commissions, he purchased reprint rights for that piece. I’m not sure how formal this arrangement is but it may have a bearing here.


No, the artist shouldn’t be asking your permission.

They produced the artwork and it may be a standard image they already have in their head before you asked for it.
If they decide they like how it turned out and produce a print then more power to them, it’s a fickle career and a lot of these guys don’t make much money.


I’d hope they make prints and those prints become the bestselling prints of all time!


I think a lot of it comes from the fact that since you don’t own the copyright of the characters you don’t really get any say with it being reprinted. What you’re paying for with a commission is a piece of original paper and ink art. This issue crept up in a 2000AD forum I follow when one of the recent Mega Collection covers featured a commission piece rather than an actual piece of comic art.


I think if your favourite creator is doing a commission you should just be amazed and grateful that the comics medium is one where you can get so close to an artist that they will actually produce an original piece of work for you to cherish forever.

The fact that they put so much effort into that commission and feel so happy with it that they are willing to make prints from it should be taken as a compliment and an indication that they really produced their best effort for that commission. It’s almost like the ultimate seal of quality.


This arrived today. It was a commission from Thought Bubble last November that artist Keith Burns (Johnny Red) didn’t have time to finish. It’s a P-47 Thunderbolt.

I tried spoiler tagging some sketches I previsouly got from Rufus Dayglo but they were visible. Do spoiler tags just work on text?

This one’s not too offensive but the other probably are.