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I realized that non-comics people don’t really know anything about the process. They are super interested in looking at the pages because they can see the whole process from pencils to inks to finished product.


Great stuff Patrick. Displayed really nicely.


Love the Powers monkey page. I love seeing the uneven splodges of black ink in original artwork. Can anyone tell me if stuff like that shows up in the artist edition books that get put out every now and then?


Yes, it does. The artist edition books are fantastic at reproducing those tiny details. It’s one of the main reasons I find them so fascinating.

It really is the closest thing imaginable to looking at the original art.


Not to step on Patrick’s toes, but I was genuinely about to post this photo when he posted his.

My frames arrived this morning, so I’ve been able to hang most of my Transformers art from Auto Assembly.

It’s all a bit misaligned, I know. There’s more space off to the left that I cropped and hopefully I can get one of my Nick Roche prints in there once I frame them. Also, they’re placed to cover up some marks/hole in the wall.


Nice Martin!

The little errors and white outs and whatnot on the original pages are some of the things that make them cool, I think.


Man, I really envy you guys. The Mrs won’t let me put up any art, on any wall, anywhere in the house! In fact she calls all comic art disgusting.

This is the closest I got two years ago.

There’s a close up of it here.


You’ve got a Larry Hama Snake Eyes sketch and you can’t have it on your walls? Criminal!


Yeah. When we moved into the new place last November she said I could have one piece up. The thing is we had to do loads of unexpected home improvements and we only just got finished a couple of months ago. Now the baby has come along and I completely forgot about getting something up. My father in law actually commented last week about the lack of art on the walls and I remembered I was allowed one piece. The Mrs trying to back track on that though!

I am thinking about the Hama Snake Eyes or my Keith Burns homage to G.I. Joe issue 34


To the people who have run out of walls to hang art in, or just simply aren’t allowed…where/how do you store your art? Portfolio? Or just buy a bigger house?


Did you just by and mount those in the frame yourself or are those custom? I strongly considered doing something similar with the piece I purchased.


Yes, I just decided to move here.


The pages are custom jobs, the sketches I did myself.


1 x A2, 1 x A3, 5 x A4, 2 x A5 portfolios.


Back from N.I.C.E. and here’s my haul of original sketches.

Judge Mortis - Dave Kendall

Wolf Judge Dredd - Steve Dillon

Dive Bombing Stukas - Keith Burns

Constantine - Goran Sudzuka

Catcher - RM Guerra

Planet of the Apes Guard - Sedat Oezgen

I started a new theme of characters with babies in celebration of my 3 week old little Evelyn.

Hellboy and baby - Duncan Fegredo

Dash and baby - RM Guerra

Lone Wolf and Cub - Niko Henrichon


Wow. There are some great ones there, Bobby. I love the Niko Henrichon one.


Yep, great stuff. The Keith Burns one is amazing.


Cheers guys. Here’s two thirds of a 2000 ad identity parade piece (Two Ton Tony Tubbs by Dylan Teague and Jack Point by Frazer Irving) that I’ll finish up at Thought Bubble.


Dug out some old sketches and stuff this morning. Firstly, last year I saw this tweet from a US Con where Geof Darrow drew on the thin plastic sheet that was covering his table.

When he came to Thought Bubble last year he had it with him. As you can see by the pic it’s massive. Towards then end of the weekend I plucked up the courage to ask if he was selling it. He asked me to make him an offer but I got nervous I didn’t have much money left and didn’t want to embarrass myself or insult him. He pushed me to make an offer, in a nice way, and said I might be surprised. I cringingly said ‘£20’ (although this is more of a doodle than a finished piece, bear in mind his A3 pre done original sketches were priced at £150+) and he said, ‘£30 and you’ve got a deal’. Done deal!

I had an empty teacake box to put it in and he signed it and did a doodle on it as well!


Grabbed these beauties at Tbub.

Amazing sketch by Lorenzo Etherington

Random Henchmen from Robert Deas’ all ages book ‘Troy Trailblazer’

Wes Craig does an awesome Dredd

My 2000 ad line up piece gets finished off with a D’Israeli Klegg

Roger Langridge line up piece plus that matches up with a previous one he had done for me.

I then started to get a Star Wars Mug Shots jam piece. Artists are:
Top row - Andy Clift, Martin Simmonds, Frazer Irving
Middle - Warick Johnson Caldwell, John Allison, Marc Lamming
Bottom - Dave Stokes, Lorenzo Etherington, Dean Beattie

I thought it was a pretty cool idea so started a bad guys one.

Top row - Conor Boyle
Middle - Eric Scott Pfeiffer, Lee Garbett, Lorenzo Etherington
Bottom - Carlos Pedro, Row Bird, Ruairi Coleman