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Yay! I just bought my first piece of published original comic art. It is appropriately a Millarworld piece from Superior. Any chance I could get you to sign it next time we hook up, @Mark_Millar?

I’m going back to bed now. It’s 4:30am here.


The important word is “first”! It can be a bit addicting, buying original art.


And expensive!!


It came. I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it up.


Be sure to let us see it up on the wall!


Two grand? What a bargain!!!


Will do.


This is what I picked up from Auto Assembly (the Transformers convention) yesterday.

Riptide by Kei Zama (print)

Wreckers by Nick Roche (print)

MTMTE #1 cover by Nick Roche (print)

Springer by Nick Roche (only pencils, as he hadn’t had chance to ink it. It’s a bit a light and loose to frame, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Might see if I can find someone to ink it).

Heinlad by Andrew Griffith

Orion Pax by Alex Milne

That one’s getting framed first.


Is that an original piece of work? I’m not a TF fan but that’s a lovely piece if so.


Great haul. Milne is the holy grail of current TF artists that I want an original piece from. Did you contact him in advance and can I ask how much it was?

As for inking I’d suggest Steve Baskerville who is obviously a TF stalwart.


Marvel inker Guillermo Ortego. Here’s what he did with my Larry Hama Snake Eyes sketch.


Yeah, pencil, inks and markers. The inks and colours were done in a few hours at the con as well.

He had a pre-con commission list. It was £50.


That’s a great haul, Martin!


Thanks. Oh, I said hi to Nick Roche for you. He laughed.



I had a text from a very busy Furman yesterday. And a scary picture from Matt Boyce who also got there yesterday at soame point.


So, so tempted to buy the Lando one. Works out to be approx. £110 with shipping to the UK


We framed and hung our Superior page. We decided to go with a simple frame with a bit of a built in mat.


Been meaning to do this for awhile. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, a lot of this is hanging up and hard to photograph.

Okay…in the entry way of my house we have three original sketches:

Wolverine by Phil Jimenez:

Spider Jerusalem by Darick Robertson:

Thor by Greg Land:

Displayed thusly:

Family room in the next post.


OKay, here is the main wall of the family room:

Authority and Stormwatch by Hitch:

Invisibles by Jimenez:

invisibles by Jill thompson:

There is also a Powers by Oeming but I can’t seem to find the picture for that one.

They are displayed as such:

Unframed stuff next.


Some of the unframed stuff I have, but not all.

The climax of Transmet by DR:

Alias by Gaydos (with Jessica Jones, Ant-Man and Cap):

Luke Cage:

A page from the monkey issue of Powers by Oeming:

Three Inivisibles pages by Bond that I really loved:


That’s a cool way of displaying pages, Patrick, having the OA with the final print version for comparison.