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I’ve met @Mark_Millar twice in person now at Wizard World Chicago. Both times he was really great. The second time I actually got to set down,chat and have a beer with him and @JimOHara. That was an especially fun experience.


they say you should never meet your heroes, but in my experience in the comic world it really isn’t true.


Meeting MM at that recent Birmingham signing made me realise what a big part of the profession that fan interaction is, and how demanding it must be in some respects.

When I got there, the line was an hour long, and once I worked my way to the front there must have been at least as many people behind me as there had been at the start. But there was a genuine and warm personal interaction and conversation with every single person who went up to meet him, he seemed sincerely pleased to see everyone, and there was never any sense that it was ‘part of the job’. It was more like friends with common interests having a chat.

The other great thing about that signing was seeing such a large diversity of people turning up. A really wide range of ages, race and gender, much moreso than you often see in my local comics shops. We talk a lot about the importance of diversity in comics, and it was great to see in the flesh exactly why that’s so important.


An old piece but figured I’d share on the new boards (Im sure I put this up on the old continuity MW). Judge Dredd: Gorilla/Z page from the Megazine. Mike Collins pencils, Cliff Robinson inks. Xmas gift from my the girlfriend, now wife, a few years ago.


Fantastic page Bruce. Here’s on old page I forgot I had. It’s a Chris Weston Dredd but I can’t remember what prog it’s from.


I’m going to have to dig my Colin MacNeil Dredd out too. Haven’t shared that in a while.


Had a photo of my MacNeil Dredd up on Facebook. Really need to get this back up on the wall.


Oh man, this is tempting…


That’s a pretty cool page.


So, the very first post of this thread features a Batwoman commission I had done by Josan Gonzalez at LSCC in March and he’s just emailed me a couple more that should be winging their way to me via the postal service.

American Panther

Bat Villains line-up piece (you can see the rest of my line-up collection here


I think I posted this on the old iteration of the board, but I finally got around to hanging my MTMTE page today. I love it, but it’s a big wall and it looks lonely up there. Need to get something to go with it, I think.


OK I know I promised to post high priced pieces of original art but you’ll all have to forgive me this one time. One of my holy grails would be a page from either New Mutants #100 or Uncanny X-Men #275. This sweet page from the former just popped up on eBay today.


The page above has been relisted a couple times. $2700 is still a little steep for me. Maybe it will keep coming down.


How much would the page have to come down by before you bite the bullet Ronnie?

I’m still kicking myself for passing on that Henry Flint page I posted a whiles back.


That was a Good Day alright.
You’ll have to come back down to see the new store the lads opened.

@James that Dino piece is awesome. You do well with the Watercolors mate.


Just got on Wes Craig’s commission list for Thought Bubble in November. I’ve found over the last few years that you need to get in early for a lot of artists or you run the risk of them running out of room on their lists. I’ll post in…3 months time…argh the wait is killing me already!


That’s a good question. I will have to say that I think it was worth the first price it went up for but it’s just not an amount I can justify in our current budget. It would have to at least be under $1000 possible a few hundred for me to take the leap.


If you’re lucky enough to live in the US, Chris Samnee has a sketch/doodle sale going live at 10am central time on Wednesday.


Those are pretty cool. I actually met Samnee very early in his career. He had just done a couple issues of Queen & Country. I snagged an S shield from him. I think I’ve posted it somewhere here before.


Matt Boyce Batman and Aquaman. Requested by me after a few beers, and wonderfully executed by Mr Boyce.

I wanted an Angry Batman, and for some reason we had been talking about Aquaman’s appearence in the upcoming Justice League films as being hysterical if they only consisted of Aquaman appearing out of toilets. Matt combined the two!

We may have been drunk.