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Holy tortilla chips! That is fantastic


John McCrea Wonder Woman sketch on a blank variant cover from Mcm Belfast last month


Dredd from City Of The Dammed, by Dredd Artist PJ Holden on a Blank Sketch Variant, from MCM Belfast last month.


Lee Bradley Nightcrawler sketch on a Blank variant of xmen #1 also from MCM Belfast last month


Sincere apologies for hijacking this thread but I have a ton of this stuff. I’ll give it a rest for a bit and post some more of it some other time.


Not at all, that’s what it’s for! I don’t collect original art but I love seeing unique pieces like this.


I did exactly the same, I have more but didn’t post it all, I only really posted the shit that’s on my walls or to hand, not sketch covers and other bits and bobs lying around.


These are just pics I have on my phone LOL some people have pics of their kids, I have my original artwork.


Keep 'em coming. I love seeing what others have got, especially from artists I also have stuff from. You had quite a haul from MCM Belfast Johnny.


Was John M Burns the artist on George and Lynne? I had no idea. (Though to be honest, I only remember the boobs :wink: )


Yeah he was, he was super nice, his wife was running most of the show, as they do when the old guys get like that, same with Steranko when I met him, although Jim had the strongest handshake I’ve ever felt, thought he was trying to break my hand hahaha
Burns had some awesome original work with him.


A John Burns Modesty Blaise strip is one of my holy grail pieces I hope to eventually own.


Pretty sure he had some Modesty with him, he had stacks of Nikolai Dante painted pages with him, lovely stuff :+1:t3:


If you’re rich and possessing excellent taste, there’s a tonne of new Sean Philips pieces up for sale on Splash Page, including lots of cover.



@seanphillips actually stops into Millarworld from time to time. I’m sure he’d appreciate the compliment. :slight_smile:


I do! Thanks very much.


That’s a Walt Flanagan page with inks by Art Thibert from Page 17 of issue 6 Of Widening Gyre. I went to the Secret Stash Comic book store managed by Walt Flannagan & owned by Kevin Smith that features in the Comic Book men TV show.

We got the train out. Not really knowing what to expect but I brought some cacophony & gyre issues with me in case Walt was actually there. I know he is a massive ice hockey fan so I had a jersey from my team the Belfast Giants made up with his name & number.
So we got there and he was working, and I was really nervous as Walt has this reputation for being somewhat grouchy. I gave him the jersey & asked him to sign my books which he did. He spent about half an hour talking to me about the art in the books. I spent around $200 dollars In store on comics & kevin smith merchandise. When I went to the till to pay, Walt walked up behind me and set that page on the counter and told me it was a gift for travelling all that way to see them. I almost dropped there and then. One of the nicest things ever to happen to me. I Wouldn’t part with it for a million quid.


Great story Johnny.


That is very cool, Stevie. I really find most people in the comic industry to be great to deal with in person despite the reputation that might have otherwise.


Wish I could say the same about Mark Millar

though… I travelled 173 miles from my home town to queue outside the Big Bang In Dublin from 5am. He was an absolute monster. So rude… I wish I hasn’t bothered to be honest… LOL na that’s a lie he was fantastic, an absolute gentleman signed a ton of stuff for me and took time despite the ginormous queue to chat away. looking forward to the blue ray of Kingsman to see if the additional longer version of the church scene he mentioned is one of the extras.