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Thanks Martin. Good pics Ronnie. I’m actually already in talks with Keith for another Joe recreation involving the X-30 and the Cobra Night Raven from Special Missions issue 5.


Is there one specifically dedicated to art people own, not ‘hey here’s a page on eBay nobody can afford!’


That thread does both. The stuff BobbyS posted is his. I just don’t own a lot of art. So I post my want list. :wink:


I understand. I don’t want to trawl through that feed though, I can already hear my bank manager calling me! :wink:
Mind if I start an ‘owned originals’ thread?

Help needed buying original comic-art!

Hahaha. If it helps, all those eBay listings are over. It usually better to keep the threads tidy instead of having several that do the same thing. I’ll promise to keep my eBay rummaging down. :wink:


Fair, I’ll post what I have in there, it might take a while though, I have spent way too much money hahaha
Also that was a total thread hijack, you can tidy this mess right, moderator? :wink:


That’s a nightmare, are you saying McGuiness was the bellend in this story? I’ve dealt with Scalera in the passed and he was nothing but awesome, this was before he hit the big time though.


Thought I’d chip in here with some work I’ve picked up along the way, sorry if the pics aren’t the greatest, it was sunny.

Charlie Adlard zombie portrait of myself.

Matteo Scalera Wolverine sketch.

Matteo Scalera She Hulk vs Power Girl.

Ben Oliver Damian Wayne


Some UK folks might like this, John M Burns, George and Lynne from the Sun newspaper strips, I always remembered the boobs as a kid :joy:

Matteo Scalera Rorschach

Jim Mahfood Spider-Man.

Humberto Ramos New Xmen issue 46 page 16


Matteo Scalera personal commissions, Bristol board size sketches of myself and my daughters.


Skottie Young Oz page.

Humberto Ramos Gwen Stacy (mate got sent this when he bought another piece and gave it to me)

Jim Mahfood Shark Suit Girl (sent to me as A gift from the awesome Justin Stewart)

Carlos Pacheco Xmen issue 71 page 10


Louis del Carmen commission portraits of me and the Mrs.

Louis Del Carmen Wonder Woman.

Brett Parsons Tank Girl and Jet Girl.

Jonathan Edwards, me and the Mrs monsterised by the killer Welsh illustrator.

Jonathan Edwards Pictoplasm piece.


Dan Boultwoods Dr Boy Brett from It Came.

Jim Mahfood Cyclops tattoo design. (Me)

Jim Mahfood Chick and Dinosaur tattoo design (Mrs)


Pete Fowler personal portrait acrylic on canvas board, plus sketch.
Not really comics but Pete is a Welsh illustrator, probably most famous for his Super Furry Animals artwork, my favourite band, plus this is my favourite piece in my home.

Akira movie cell. I suppose it’s original art in a sense?


Jim Mahfood Superman S-Shield.


Great stuff guys.


Haha that’s killer! :+1:t3:


My Megatron sketch on the blank cover of Regeneration One by Nick Roche, also signed by the writer Simon Furman.

And my Monster Motors also by Nick Roche. Picked these up in Opticon 1 Last week in Belfast


original pencils & ink a for Hitman #14 page 20 by John McCrea picked these up at MCM Belfast last month from John. I wanted this page because my wife volunteers for a Seal sanctuary & know she’ll get annoyed having to look at the zombie seal :slight_smile:


black cover variant sketch by VWars cover artist Ryan Brown, who is also from Belfast. He was the cover artist from last weeks 2000ad prog. This is stunning in real life the pics don’t do it justice.