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Awesome Joe pages!

Last year I told him I’d take all the invisibles pages he had listed. Of the 6 he said he had 4, of the 4, 2 were not listed on the site.

it can be a gamble. But IMO it’s worth it. It’s so cheap, I feel like I can’t go wrong.


That Nightstalker & Duke(?) Is great.


My latest commission just landed. It’s another piece in the ‘Evelyn plus…’ category. This time it’s Evelyn plus Jem by Jen St-Onge.


Got a spare $110 000?


Got my newest page in the other day.

This this is large, in charge and impressive as hell in person. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on this one.

ASM 695 Pg 20 by Giuseppe Camuncoli and inked by the legendary Dan Green.

I’ve really become a big fan of Cammo. He’s got a nice, clean, “classic” style and can really nail it out of the park when the scene calls for it. But he’s really always doing what’s going to service the story best.


Got home last night and this came in for me !

I have some 250 pieces mostly in my favorite theme (sexy mummy… hence my Sisterhood comic, but do not want to use this thread as my personal promo-topic :blush: ) and got folks like Ryp and Capullo and Gibbons and Adlard and Linsner and Cho and many many more… but will start with this one from Ferran Rodriguez Sanchez