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Very cool. That printing plant was very close to my hometown and I knew someone who worked there when I was a little kid.


Great Thread! I’m a big collector of the Invisibles, here are a few of my pages, if you have any you’re willing to part with, i’m always looking for more!


Wow! What an awesome collection of invisibles pages. That Thompson one is really a classic, the one that GM made her draw like Liefeld =)


Just want to share a sketch card commission I made recently. Well, very recently actually - yesterday. And already completed by Albert Nguyenemphasized text

(I‘m sure I don’t need to tell any of you that it’s Witterquick from Visionaries). That’s easily the fastest turn around for an online commission I’ve ever had, hell it’s quicker than some convention commissions I’ve made (admittedly it’s not been posted yet).


Evelyn and Elsa from MCM in October. I’m blanking on the artist!


My Ian Kennedy commission pieces arrived today.

Hawker Hurricane

A no-brainer given my love for his Commando comics covers.


While the Dredd isn’t quite in the “Dirty Harry” pose I’d asked for I’m beyond happy with it.


Lovely stuff @Bruce Love Ian’s work. Hoping to head up to see him in the New Year for an interview. Great you finally got your commissions.


Those both look great Bruce!


Great stuff Bruce. Do you mind me asking how much the Hurricane was. I’m tempted to hit Ian up for a Spitfire.


£75 for the Hurri, black pencil on a4 white card.