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I got in touch but am on a “waiting list”. Looks like it’ll be tail end of September / October before he’ll be able to grt around to it.


I’m sure he will. He’s a busy man at the moment. Great that you have something on the way.


Aye, he has all his published stuff to do as well as all the cons he attends. I just sent the guy that does all Ians online dealings a message just now to see if we’re still on for the Oct time frame. If so that’ll make a cracking birthday present to myself!


You dont like Biz?


Please refer to Bobby’s board title.


Got in touch with the guy who’s deals with Ian Kennedy’s commission list asking if we were still on for a Sept / Oct time frame for my commissions. Pleased to get this as a reply:


Thought Bubble swag

Judge Anderson print by Robert Ball

Jess Taylor print

Ian McQue print

Ladronn print

Brian Stelfreeze print

Jon Edwards print

Frazer Irving original art

Fred the Clown line up - Roger Langridge original art

My new theme.
Ghost Rider on a…surfboard (Roger Langridge)

Ghost Rider on a…speederbike (Andy MacDonald)

Ghost Rider on a…BMX (Jon Edwards)

Ghost Rider on a…tron cycle (Nick Brokenshire)

Evelyn plus Chewie (Nick Brokenshire)

Evelyn plus Darth Vader (Claire Spiller)

Evelyn plus Batman on a digger (Roger Langridge)

And finally the Star Wars doodle book.
Mr Hope

Ben Hennessey

Jack Lawrence

Nick Borkenshire

Mike Norton


Wow. A lot of good stuff there, Bobby. The Ghost Rider on different iconic bikes and Evelyn with Batman on the digger are brilliant.


Those Ghost Riders are great. Now you need one on a Segway & one on PeeWee Herman’s bike


Tom Travers. I don’t know much about him, but I enjoy his water painted rough sketches.

You can contact him at his Instagram


If anyone is interested in an Arthur Ranson piece get yourselves onto ebay.

Gotten too rich for me (though it’s well worth the price it’s sitting at I’d say). 100% of the sale going to charity too.


He did a signing at Orbital Comics and was selling sketches for £25.


Frazer Irving will be having a sale on his website soon.

Might be something to keep an eye on…


Patrick Godard has put his Inktober sketches up on ebay.


Some absolute belters there.


Trying to save money by I’m seriously tempted by the Savage sketch and the Zenith is superb.


Yeah Zenith really stands out there.


Might have to bid on the Baron Ironblood one.


We’re on the same page! My bids already in!


Well then I’ll hold back. Hope you get it. It’s an awesome piece.


This piece is definitely a part of the “ect” part of this topic. Here is a black printing plate for Marvel Comics Presents #100.

This is the info I got for the seller.