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I’m thinking of getting an Ian Kennedy piece but am struggling to decide between a Dredd (because of course that’s what I’m thinking of) and a fighter plane of some sort (because his covers on the Commando comics are something that have stuck with me since seeing them as a child). Thoughts?


Dredd in a fighter plane?


What’s your budget? He has pre done Dredd, abc warriors and Johnny alpha on A4 card at the cons he attends. They are £50. His bigger commissions run into the hundreds.


Here’s my swag from Portsmouth comic con.

Walt Simonson print and Paul Kirk sketch.

Si Fraser

Ben Templesmith

Roger Langridge

Gene Ha

Roger Langridge

Ben Templesmith

Warwick Johnson Caldwell


This is the thing I was after. I saw them at the Aberdeen comic con a few years back and always regretted not getting one then.


That’s tempting. Though not quite as tempting as just getting both!


You’re an underrated genius Dave.


Forgot to post these gems that I picked up at MCM London back in May. Darrow said this is the first time he’s drawn Rusty and Shaolin Cowboy together. (They’re both original sketches btw)


The crab/cat one is hysterical!


Those are great! Love Darrow’s stuff. I’ve been making my way through Lead Poisoning recently and it’s wonderful. Full of his trademark weird humour and fastidious detail.


I’m at London Film and Comic Con today. I’d say the queue is at least 2000 deep. However, I suspect at least 80-90% of people are here for movie/tv guests and not comic guests so I’m hoping once inside it should be quietish in artists alley.


This is the show that’s essentially subsumed London Supercon, isn’t it?


LFCC has been going for quite a few years but after the super con moved from The The Excel to The Angel last year where it bombed big time, I think they’re taking a rest. I don’t think it helped moving from late March to September either. I’d much rather go to Thougjt Bubble around that time.


Don’t think I can make the LFCC during the day but might try to pop along for a pint Saturday evening with Furman and Senior.


You’re well placed to offer an opinion on
The following James. Is it likely that Geoff will be sketching at the show? Quite fancy him doing something on my mugshot grid.


He should be doing quick sketches, yes. Tell him you know me and hopefully he won’t swear too much.

Depends on what you ask for but he might need reference material if not his “usual” characters


Ffs. I uploaded from my phone and it did them in the wrong order.



I was at NICE last Sunday and as I bought a weekend ticket I got a free random sketch. I pulled a Bisley. I’m not his biggest fan so stuck it on eBay hoping to get back my £20. Wtf, £103! Someone help me understand why.



Did you ever manage to get anything from Ian ?
Don’t know if you would make the journey but he will be here on Sunday the 30th.