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David LaFuente sketch of the Ray.

Drawn on the back of an envelope. With sharpies. At 1am. In a bar.


Now I have some completed mugshot grids I decided to get some coloured. The first is by Simon Gough (colourist on Ringside from Image)

Dhalsim - Dave Stokes
Blanka - Sebastian Chow
Ryu - Neil Cameron
Guile - Rapha Lobosco
Ken - Ben Henessey
Cammy - Huy Truong
Chun Li - Rachel Stott
E Honda - Dean Beattie
Zangief - Lorenzo Etherington


2000AD artist Patrick Goddard has a bunch of his Inktober sketches up on eBay. Potential to grab a wee bargain.


Finally got a frame for my fourth Dredd (by Patrick Goddard) piece so while I was getting it ready to hang I took the opportunity to straighten up the mounts on the other three.

I’d never noticed the Andy Serkus Block sign in the background until today!


nice, Bruce !

Who are the artists?

I recognise Goddard, Holden and ezquerra there - but who is the 4th, with the gorilla?


It’s not Holden as well is it, just using more line work this time instead of thick blacks?


Three out of three for your list. The missing one is the only piece of published art I own. It’s from a story called Gorilla/Z written by Alan Grant, pencilled by Mike Collins and inked by Cliff Robinson.


That’s weird because Mike Collins and Cliff Robinson were the other two artists I thought of so quite fitting that it was a mix of the two!!


Couple of new acquisitions.

Commission by Ryan Kelly

Birthday present from a buddy who art reps for Cam Kennedy


Nice. I’ve been thinking of getting a Kelly piece for a while. What was the turnaround time on it?


Now the proud owner of a @MichaelRea original. :slight_smile:


Appearing in this thread genuinely feels like a career highlight. Thanks for buying the pic Dave, really glad you like it. :slight_smile:


More Sam Kieth


Anyone here collect production proofs? Some cool ones pop up on eBay from time to time and they’re not as cool but they are considerably cheaper than equivalent original art.


Batman: Secrets, Gallery, Remarqued Edition. Who else?


Nick Pitarra has put up a bunch on Patreon.


Geoff Senior poster for Brighton Comic Convention 7th April -


Big sale on Vice Press. They have afew original art pieces on sale and then posters go on sale tomorrow. The ‘Sold Out’ Glen Fabry piece (£350 reduced from £800) was just snapped up by my buddy. It’s incredible.


For people who like such things, Bryan Talbot has Grandville art for sale:

I can’t justify spending £300 on something to hang on my wall, but it does look very nice (I like Talbot’s uncoloured art more than his coloured art, generally).


Look, not Sam Kieth! Ha.
Jae Lee’s Hellshock