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I popped down to Brighton yesterday for the I.C.E. comic con. Picked up this swag.

Orc War Wagon by Lorenzo Etherington.

Doctors grid. Mindbender by Des Taylor.

Cartoon Villains grid. Kattse Bergu (Zoltar) by Jessica Martin.

Doctors grid by Doom by David Wynne.

Carton Villains grid. Mumm-Ra by Paulina Vassileva.

2000ad Villains grid. Torquemada by David Broughton.

2000ad Villains grid. Malak Brood by Chris Weston.

2000ad Villains grid. Judge Death by Clint Langely.

Street Fighter grid. Guile by Papha Lobosco.

Started a new grid. Marvel Zombies. Howard the Duck by Lorenzo Etherington.

I have this Star Wars Doodle book that has 128 pages for the reader to fill in. Here’s the first one I got done. Before.

After (Lorenzo Etherington)


Geoff Senior finished another commission. Just going to leave this here -


Awesome Geoff Senior piece right there.

Here’s a Keith Burns commission from Thought Bubble last year. I’ve only just hold of it as I got ill at the con and had to leave before it was finished.

Here’s the completed Cartoon Villains Mugshot piece. Now to get it coloured.

Recently contacted the 90’s 2000 ad artist Siku (Tales of Telguuth & Dredd) and asked for Dredd on a Lawmaster. He tweaked it to Dredd under a Lawmaster!

He also coloured it.


Couple of new additions to my art collection by current JLA artist Andy MacDonald

One for the ‘Line-ups’ theme

And one for the ‘Evelyn through the Ages’ theme (my daughter)


My Andy MacDonald pieces arrived today and I got this bonus art!


Geoff Senior has given me an early birthday present (I turn 40 in September). My favourite character, The Ray (mk2 Ray Terrill).


I love that. Didn’t recognise it as a Senior drawing at first, apart from the typical mental dynamism.


I just found out that has shut down. It was run by Rich Dedominicis and dealt in artwork by Bryan Hitch, as well as some others by Paul Neary and Trevor Hairsine. It’s where I got my Hitch Ultimates page from a little while back.

I don’t know what the story is there but it’s a shame it’s gone as they still had some nice pieces listed the last time I looked.


James, are those prices for Geoff’s pre-con commissions the same as his on-the-day con sketches?



No, he does sketches on the day for a lot less. I forget how much off the top of my head.


What is Siku up to now, did he say?


TF Nation art haul (with two more on the way)

Skids by Milne

Tigatron by Nick Roche


Finally got my Dan McDaid Superman Foes commission. It came in a jiffy bag with a nice Dredd thumbnail in the corner!

Also got a nice Dredd/Evie piece.

Plus two free bonus prints.


I went to the London Super Comic Con on Sunday. Holy cow, I’v never seen a con so quiet. I think the change of venue (from Excel to Business design Centre) and the fact that there were quite a few other thing on at the weekend didn’t help either.

Anyway, chatted to some cool people and bought a few bits.

Finished the Street Fighter mugshots with a Dhalsim from Dave Stokes and a Blanks from Sebastian Chow.

Got a new Doctor on my ‘Doctors’ mugshot grid by Mike Norton.

Stormtrooper & Evelyn by Dean Beattie

Wonder Woman & Wonder Evie by Tanya Roberts

I also have got some sketches in my Star wars doodle book.

Before and Afters:

Mr Hope

Dean Beattie

Mike Norton

Terry Dodson

And then the controversial one. As well as the previous WW piece, I had commissioned Tanya Roberts to do a Star Wars Clone villains line up piece. I initially asked about prices and was told it would be £100 for black and white inked and £200 for colour. I opted for black and white. When I got to the show I saw this:

To be honest, when I saw the colour I though she had added it as nice touch. I got out £150 to pay (£100 for the line up and £50 for the WW piece) and Tanya told me it was £250. I mentioned that I had asked for black and white and she said, “Yeah but I did it in colour.” Hmm, awkward. I said I didn’t really have that much money and she said I could get both for £200. I was completely flustered at this point and kind of agreed to it without thinking. I paid £150 and said I would send the extra £50 by paypal. I went to take the piece and she said she would like to leave it on the table during the con to generate business. I said okay.

As I walked away I started to think about it some more. I stopped by the table of some creators I know to get their view as I was now in two minds. I could a) pay her the extra £50 as planned (which was in essence me getting a £50 discount from her usual colour price of £200) or b) decline the piece in which case I would have had to ask for £100 cash back.

I actually spoke to about 5 other creators and they all said that if they were the artist and they had made that mistake they would have not attempted to charge extra or they would have offered to redo it in black and white. They also said that if I was happy with it being in colour then an extra £50 was probably a good deal. The thing was I was hung up on the fact that that the artist had either intentionally tried to up sell me or had forgotten what I’d ordered and made no attempt to acknowledge it.

One creator said if I was going to buy it it might be a good idea not to question the artist too much as he said I shouldn’t do anything to possibly taint the memory of the piece. He cited an example of a David Lloyd ‘V’ sketch that was part of his prized collection. Then on meeting David, who refused to sign some comics, and who was by all accounts, ‘a dick’, he said he doesn’t view that V sketch the same anymore.

In the end I decided to draw out some extra money and pay the £50 in cash. However I didn’t take my creator friend’s advice and mentioned to Tanya that I had specially asked for black and white. She said, “well, it was a big email chain wasn’t it and it all got a bit confusing.” Ummm, no it didn’t get confusing and you even confirmed that you would do a black and white for £100.

I now completely regret buying it and wish I had asked for my money back. I also think it was a rush job as she said she would email me progress scans, which might have stopped this from happening, but I got no such updates. Also, if you look at the character on the right you can see the height line goes through his head and the numbering for height says 4 when it should say 1. I think she left it until the last minute, panicked and rather than try and remember what I wanted just guessed.

Oh well. I paid £150 but if anyone wants it they can have it for £100 (freepost)


I really like the Wonder Woman piece with Evie.


The lines look pretty scruffy across the whole piece - there’s a bit missing by the elbow of the guy on the far left and two waves in it over the short guy (which looks like something to do with where the character was originally position going by the guide lines). Not to make it any worse for you, Bobby.

I’m tempted to say I would have walked away from it, given it wasn’t what you agreed on and she wanted more money for it, but I’m terrible in those kinds of situations (and have paid for art that didn’t meet the brief), so, yeah, I don’t know. There’s no sense holding onto it given you’re (rightly) so down on it.


Yeah. I think I got caught up in the moment, got confused about what was actually happening and didn’t think it through clearly. I certainly wish I had walked away but having already given her £100 cash I started thinking about how to ask for it back and what would happen if she said no.


Got a good lot of swag from Thought Bubble.

Heretic print by Martin Simmonds

Stranger Things print by Martin Simmonds

Pepper and Tony print by Martin Simmonds

G.I. Joe print by Tommy Lee Edwards

Dean Ormston sketchbook

Stranski print by Lorenzo Etherington

War Marshall Kazan by Boo Cook and Traitor General by Mike Dowling

Milhouse by Chris Baldie

Evie on a Stegosaurus by Neill Cameron

Jonathan Edwards sketchbook

Nick Brokenshire sketchbook

I also got quite a few sketches in the Star Wars Doodle book. These are rapidly becoming my favourites.

Chris Baldie

Lorenzo Etherington

Lorenzo Etherington

John Alison

Roger Langridge

Nick Brokenshire


Those doodles are great.