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I went by True Believers in Cheltenham t’other weekend and picked up this off-the-shelf piece by Stephen Sims.


Founds a fun piece on eBay. Love some @FrankQuitely.


I was supposed to get this from the awesome Simon Jacobs at the 40th Anniversary con but I couldn’t make so he posted it instead. I said he could draw anything he wanted and if he could include my 18 month old daughter that would be a bonus.


Latest Sam Kieth score


Here’s my latest S from Patrick Gleason that @ender0284 snagged for me.


Getting a commission when not at a comic convention can be tricky thing. It usually works out as either:

  1. Pay up front and get commission by an agreed date
  2. Artist agrees to do the commission and takes no payment until done

In my experience most artists opt for number 2 (unless it’s a really expensive piece then they might ask for half up front) so they don’t feel time pressured to get it done in a hurry especially if they have deadlines for published work.

The question becomes, when you don’t pay up front, what is a reasonable amount of time to wait? I guess it depends if a date or timeline is ever agreed upon. Anyhow, how is this relevant?

Just over two years ago I contacted Dan McDaid (Planet of the Apes and current IDW Dredd artist) about the possibility of doing a poilce line up piece for my collection. He was well up for it and was leaning towards Street fighter characters before changing his mind and opting for Superman villains (I had given him a choice of about 5 different character themes). These were Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Mongul, Doomsday and Brainiac.

So, he gets started in April 2015 and says he’s not got much work on so should have it done soon. A couple of months go by with no contact so I hit him up to check on the progress. He said he had started and it was going well. Then no contact for until Christmas time. I contacted him again, no reply. I waited a month then send another email. He replied saying he was snowed under but hadn’t forgotten me. Fast forward to late last year and he says he just has one character to go. Fair enough. By February this year it was coming up on two years and although I hadn’t paid anything yet I felt the progress was too slow (barring one other incident the longest I had ever waited for a commission was about 3 months). I asked him on twitter if it was nearly finished. No reply

Then yesterday out of the blue I got an email from Dan saying it was done and ready for posting. He asked if I’d like to take a look at it. I said yes of course. Firstly I must say he went a bit off-brief as it isn’t really a line up piece. Secondly he didn’t include all the agreed upon characters. Thirdly, holy mother lovin’ tortilla chips, I don’t care about points one and two as he went over and above the call of duty here. It was most definitely worth the two year wait and I have zero problem with the creative direction he took. Wow! Sometimes g̶o̶o̶d̶ nutsack busting things come to those who wait.

You need to click on it to see the full image.

Also, I need help with some of the characters. The woman on the left with the M on her chest and the android thing behind her.

DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

Holy hell, he put in Nic o’ Teen! I was just talking to @Mike about him the other day!


That is incredible. No idea about the two characters though.


I remember that. “Nick, was a butt-head!” Funny stuff


Cheap if you’re a Hitch fan.


Maybe they’re getting less interest than they expected because they spelled his name wrong.

Either way, you’re right, that’s not bad.


I’m very lucky to have Simon Furman and Geoff Senior as two good friends and I’ve been helping them out on over the past year or so.

I’ve managed to persuade Geoff to continue to do comic work (he’s been working in advertising for the past 20 years or so) and I’m pleased to say he is now taking sketch commissions. At first, they are going to be for his upcoming appearance at the London Film and Comic Con 28-30 July this year, but we should have his website updated soon and he’ll be taking requests there as well.

Anyway, he is basically sending me a new sketch every few hours over the past few days and they are great! They are A4 pencil/inks on Bristol board – the way he did his artwork back in the Marvel UK days.

He’s never taken sketch commissions before, usually just rocking up to a convention and drawing them in pen there, so now we three sketch options available:
A4 Head/shoulders -£75
A4 single full figure drawn/inked - £100
A4 two characters (fighting if desired) on same page -£175

Drop me a line if you’re interested and I will see what we can sort out.

One for starters:


Thanks for sharing that info James. I’d love me a nice finished Senior piece but those prices are unfortunately more than I’m willing to pay. I had actually dismissed LFCC this year as it seemed there were no comics guest announced and instead it looked to be just film and tv people. I see a small handful have now been added though.

Back to Geoff, Do you know if he will still be doing sketches at the show? I picked up this Destro from him at a previous show for £20 and would be in the market for something similar.


Yes, he’ll still be doing those types of sketches on the day, no problem!


At the very first con a buddy of mine put on back in 2006, he had 4 up and comers as guests, Brian Hurtt, Chris Samnee, Cullen Bunn and Matt Kindt. I think everyone here probably knows who they are now. I’ve shared one or two pieces from that weekend but I don’t think I’ve ever shared these.

I asked Matt Kindt for the usual S but he asked if he could do something different. So of course I said yes and got this great piece.

Chris Samnee had already done an S for me and did this Wonder Woman for my wife.


Great stuff


@BobbyS - thought you might get a kick out of this from Geoff




Made a spontaneous call to go to MCM London on Sunday and picked up some more pieces for my sketch card mugshot jams.

Patrick Star (cartoon sidekicks) by Joana LaFuente

Orko (cartoon sidekicks) by Jack Lawrence

Lone Goat & Kidd (Usagi Yojimbo) by Grant Perkins

Kitsune (Usagi Yojimbo) by Yi-Hwa Lin

Dr Strange (Doctors) by Brendan David Hill

Cobra Commander (Cartoon Villains) by V.V. Glass

Cammy (Street Fighter) by Huy Truong


I love the Cobra Commander one.