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Good stuff.


A pal of mine was at ICE as and said it’s a great con but he lost a packet attending as he was there as an exhibitor and flew himself and his artist in from Hungary.


For the last few years, Phil Hester has down a bunch of sketches to celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday . This year as it was The King’s 99th birthday he did 99 on a first come, first served basis with all donations going to the Hero Initiative. I managed to get on the list and asked for a M.O.D.O.K. piece. It just arrived.


I accidentally bought a page. Charity auction on eBay and I put in a bid this morning a couple quid more than the current offer thinking “Ah well, this’ll get outbid in no time at all.” Fast forward to tonight - my eBay app on my phone bleeps and tells me I’ve won. Ah well, it’s a nice page and I wouldn’t have even put in a speculative bid if I didn’t want it!


I wouldn’t be too upset about owning that!


That’s a cracker Bruce.


Finally had a frame made and got this up on the wall:


Very nice, Dave.


My Dredd at the Wall of China piece arrived today along wit an unexpected bonus of the A4 prelim sketch / outline.

Very nice!


Having said to myself that I wouldn’t get any Thought Bubble pre order commissions I buckled and now have to fork over £353 for 7 pre con pieces! I’ve already seen one of them and it’s quality.


Thought Bubble has come and gone and here’s my swag:

Dredd Megazine page - Boo Cook (only £20 and although no main characters I like the composition)

Explodo Rocket - Lorenzo Etherington

Doctors Mugshots - Nick Riviera (Tom Foster) Doc Ock (Lorenzo Etherington)

Usagi Yojimbo - new addition - Zato-Ino - (Abigail J Harding)

Cartoon Sidekicks Mugshots - Nono - (Lorenzo Etherington) Penfold (Dean Beattie) Shaggy (Rosi Kampe)

2000 ad Villains Mugshots- new additions - The Mekon - (Lorenzo Etherington) Slough Feg (Dave Hitchcock) Mean Machine (Conor Boyle)

Cartoon Villains Mugshots - New additions - Mr Burns (Martin Simmonds) Venger () Megatron (Tom Foster)

Street Fighter Mugshots - new additions - Ken (Ben Henessey) Ryu (Neil Cameron)

Baroness - Keith Chan

Gorehead - Neil Cameron

E.T. vs A.L.F. - Dean Beattie

Nick Fury - Neil McClements

Now my three favourite pieces of the con. Absolutely love these three.

Villains line up - Roger Langridge

Bounty Hunters Line up - Jon Edwards

Slaine - Martin Simmonds


Wow great stuff!


The mugshot pages are great (as ever)!

How much information and direction do you give the artists in terms of what to draw, and what details to include on the signs?


I have a list of the 9 characters I want for each grid and then let the artist choose the grid and character they would prefer to do. The signs should have a standard format of name then where they are being held captive (sometimes I come up with this beforehand and sometimes the artist gives a better suggestion) and then the prisoner number on the bottom is the year of first appearance.

I was hoping to finish them off on Sunday but got ill and had to make a swift exit.

edit - you need to click on the Beattie, Langridge and Edwards pics to get the full images.


Love the Langridge line-up but what are you trying to say about Shaggy putting him on the sidekick page?!


Come on man, the cartoon is called Scooby-Doo!


Nice haul @BobbyS! I actually went “Wow!” out loud when I saw the Baroness even before I spotted it was this parishes Keith Chan!


Thanks. You should hit him up for a sketch. Only £15!


That’s a great deal !


Had my Jon Edwards Bounty Hunters piece coloured.