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That’s all very cool to hear.
What’s Gene Ha even up to these days? He hasn’t been on my radar for a while, and that’s a shame.
You didn’t talk to Mark Waid about Superman then? Surely you must have, since you got him to draw the S.


Gene Ha is doing his creator owned book, Mae, at Dark Horse. The other sketch he did for me upthread was in my Kickstarter book he did to launch it. It’s pretty good so far.

I tried not to take up too much of Waid’s time to be polite to other people waiting in line. He was super nice though.


This just arrived in the post.


That Vader is amazing.


Wolverine by Silvestri the wife pick up for me at a con years ago.


Here’s one that @MartinSmith might enjoy. These two sketches are winging their way to me right now from Chris Giarusso.


Nice! I didn’t realise Chris G did full commissions. Strangely, I managed to snag a sketch card today (Black Panther) and received one I bought from him last week (Scarlet Spider). So I’m getting closer to making up some more sets to frame.

He did he nice TF ones (Megs, Galvatron, Starscream, Prowl) over the last few weeks, but I passed, as I’m trying to limit myself to just the sets I’m working on. Which was hard when I passed on a really cool Green Lantern and then he did a whole string of JLAers that would have gone really well together. Ah well.


My buddies got these full on commissions.


Oh right, I had no idea he had a second website.


This just arrived in the post. GI Joe 226 page 1. Cobra commander and Mindbender running a take away lobster van. Brilliant!


Ocho by Eric Mengel 2003. He’s been writing, drawing & publishing Ocho for over 22 years. Fun stuff.


Just back from London Film & Comic Con. Had a good day and got some cool swag.

Snakes Eyes by Augustin Padilla

Bat Vader by Kyle Hotz

Sweet doubled sided A2 print by Lorenzo Etherington

Started a new grid of cartoon villains. Lorenzo Etherington, Lee Ferguson and Phil Buckenham

Finished off the Muppets grid with Lorenzo Etherington and Kyle Hotz.

Three more on the Usagi grid. Lorenzo Etherington, Dave Ross and Dave Johnson.

Will Simpson started a 2000 ad grid with Judge Kraken (I just need to fill in the date of his first appearance)

Finally added to more to the Street Fighter grid. Lorenzo Etherington and Rachel Stott.


Some day you’ll have to show us your entire collection Bobbie. It looks amazing.


This contains most of it. I need to add a couple of con’s worth of stuff.


Beautiful. That’s a hell of a collection. I can’t imagine what the cost would be. Of course I love the Guardians spread most of all, but some of the Judge Dredd items are first rate.


I was tempted to try and add up the cost but didn’t want to give myself a heart attack. When I add the new images I’ll let you know.


That’s a lot of pieces by Lorenzo Etherington! Did you get them done in one go or keep going back?


I tried to juggle it so all the separate sheets were with an artist at all times. If one said he wouldn’t get to it for a couple of hours I’d go back to Lorenzo as he was pretty quick and never had a queue. Also, if you think you’ve met the nicest guy in comics you are mistaken. Lorenzo (artist) and Robin (writer) Etherington are twins who mainly do work for The Phoenix comic and are indeed the nicest people I’ve ever met at a con. I’ve never seen anyone with as much passion and enthusiasm as these guys. If you see these guys at a con you should definitely seek them out.


Just came in the mail. Now to get a frame

Sam Kieth


Some sketches I got from ICE today. These are all sketch card size on A4 sheets, for jam pieces. I’m doing mug shots of adventure game characters across 2 sheets and also corporate portraits of Cobra High Command across another two sheets.

Zarana by Marc Laming

Cobra Commander by John Royle

Simon the Sorcerer (from the early 90s game of the same name) by Rachael Stott

Horatio Nullbuilt (from Primordia) by Ian Richardson

and Kathy Rain by Maria Laura Sanapo

Which is lovely but not much at all what I asked for. I mean it matches the reference, it’s just not a mug shot. So I’m not sure what to do with that. It’s on a sheet on its own, fortunately. I think I might make the concept very explicit on the reference sheets in future.

Ian Richardson and Rachael Stott are both lovely, btw.