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I had a good time at LSCC yesterday and picked up some nice commisson pieces.

Batwoman by Josan Gonzalez

Alice (Batwoman Villain) by Sabine Rich

Dredd & Hellboy by Andy Clift

Dr Strange inked by Mark Farmer over a previous Mark Buckingham sketch

Serpentor by Dave Wachter

Moloram by Dave Wachter

Superman punching some beast - Dean Beattie

Overall I had a good time, caught up with some friends and met some new creators. There was only one thing that soured me slightly and that involved a creator refusing to sign a book.

In brief, a friend of mine bought an original page of art from a very big name American artist. He purchased it from the inker of the page and then took it over to the artist (sitting in different parts of the hall) for him to sign. I followed as I had a trade of his work to get signed. When we approached him there was no one queuing. My friend got his page signed and I asked if he could sign my trade. He said no as it was outside his allotted signing schedule. I reminded him that not 5 seconds earlier he had signed my friends page and he said, ‘That’s different, that’s a page of art’. I told him that was no different to me as a fan and he just shrugged his shoulders. Had there have been a big queue then fair enough but the fact no one was around it would have been just as quick for him to do one signature than sayo no.

To sour me on him even more, moments later a fan came over and asked to collect his sketchbook that he had left with ‘big name artist’ the previous day. BNA said he hadn’t got round to it but he would ‘quickly knock it out now’. Great! I’m sure the fan was well pleased that he had to pay a heap of cash and get a quick sketch.

Lastly the inker that was selling BNA pages was approached by BNA’s art representative and told he was selling the pages too cheaply and making BNA look bad (considering he was selling pages from the same book for a lot, lot more). Anyway, rant over.

Help needed buying original comic-art!

There’s a fun Frank Quitely Zibarro sketch up on eBay right now.


I found another eBay auction of some sweet Frank Quitely original art. This time from Batman and Robin #3.


That Quitely spread will likely go out of my price range. Here’s a nice cheap Lobo page though


At the other end of the scale here’s a Batman & Robin piece by Jim Lee…if you have a spare $1800


Nice Hitch ClanDestine page


I think with a story like that you really need to name the guy so others can be fully advised if planning to see them at a con.


Fair enough. It was Ed McGuniess. My friend also had similar experiences but slightly different with Matteo Scalera and Sean Gordon Murphy.


What a shitty experience. Thanks for sharing.


My 4yr old adores Gary Northfields excellent “TeenyTinySaurs”, a comic about a group of little dinosaurs that involves a lot of poo and snot.

One of the characters is called Morris, the tallest dinosaur ever, who was so tall he could lick the moon. I dropped Gary a note and commissioned him to create an A4 sketch of Morris which arrived today! It’s a great watercolour, which has been framed and is going straight in Matthew’s bedroom!

You can find out about Gary here -


That’s great! I’ve never heard of that series before but I might have to try my daughter on it.


It’s a great book, you should be able to get it off Amazon. It’s out of stock on the PhoenixComic website.

Here’s a piece from it where the kids have to go inside a dinosaur to retrieve a baby dinosaur they think he ate:


Sold. :slight_smile:


Some Cam Kennedy pages up for sale


Oh man… that’s so tempting.


My latest commission. It’s by Keith Burns (The Boys & upcoming Johnny Red with Ennis) and is a reimagining of a scene from G.I Joe 34. Needless to say I’m over the moon.


Love the F-14 and pseudo A-10.


Thanks. The F-14 is the Joe Skystriker and the A-10 is the Cobra Rattler. Here’s a page form the comic and the awesome Mike Zeck cover.


I wonder why they changed the engine arrangement for the Rattler. Maybe because of the verticle take-off in the cartoon. I always liked the G.I. Joe Conquest X-30. They have one of the two X-29’s that it was based on at the USAF museum in Dayton, Ohio not too far from me. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to go see it before too long.


That’s lovely. And that’s a great issue as well.