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Ordering in bulk


Soooo with the solicitations for the annual approaching I thought I would get in early and ask around to see if I could order up front and in bulk.
200 copies in the uk and 50 in NZ.

Mark One Comics in NZ as usual was happy to take my order however in the interest of spreading the love I hit up some smaller stores in Scotland.

I’ve gotten 2 interesting responses.

1- I’m sorry I’ve been burned before and not interested.

2-Unfortunately due to reasons out with our control we would be unable to arrange an order of this size.

Now I understand that it’s the outlet perogotive to manage their business whatever way they choose but I did find the responses surprising .

Just to clarify I was happy to pay on the spot and wait 3 months for the release.

Can any retailers here give insight as to what could be a stumbling block with orders this size?


I don’t understand how point one could be valid if you were willing to pay up front. It’ll be interesting to see retailer replies to this.


Yeah I thought that was weird but I didn’t want to press the issue. Perhaps once he had received that quantity but they arrived damaged and he couldn’t fulfill the order?
But to get a second rejection says to me their could be some sort of diamond retailer mechanics which could make his difficult


Hope you somehow find a way to get your bulk order . Looking forward to seeing your work.


Oh I’m terrified. It’s going to get torn apart!
What I do hope to do is after the release post the full script here (with marks permission) and shed a little bit of light behind my thinking and thoughts on why potentially I got through over many other great ideas and scripts.


I can understand why you would be but I have a feeling it’s unfounded in fact I’ll be looking for you and the other winners to sign mine :wink:
I’ve always been interested in reading comic scripts and hearing the thoughts behind them .


You may try going through Diamond or the publisher (I assume Image) directly.