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Opportunity for British artists


Hello there,

My name is Chris Tresson and I’m looking for a collaborator.

I’ve previously been published in FutureQuake Press titles FutureQuake and Something Wicked and now I have an 8-page story for The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2 (Markosia) which needs a British artist.

It’ll be a colour story, but if you don’t colour your own work, I’ll find you a colourist to colour your work. I’ve already cleared the script with the editor, so it’s just a matter of getting it drawn, coloured, lettered and sent.

It’s a horror story by the way, called The Heathen Masses. It’s got a lot of goats in it and some… ‘religious activities’.

That’s probably not done me any favours… Anyway, If you’re interested, you can post your work here with some way I can contact you, or email me some of your work: ctresson (at) me (dot) com. Alternatively, you can get me on Twitter: @christresson.

I look forward to hearing from you!


I’ve found an artist now, but I’m guessing they’ll still want artists for other strips in the book.

Check here if you’re interested. It’s open to writers, artists, colourist and letterers :slight_smile:




I just edited the thread title Tresson to reflect that you’ve got the artist.


Thanks, Gareth :slight_smile: