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Only Scottish readers will care about this...


…and even then really just those in Central Scotland.

But as a young kid in primary school in the late 70s we used to get milk for free every day in these weird triangular cartoons which were delivered in big hexagonal orange crates. They were ALWAYS delivered and left in the sun around 8am and so by the time we were drinking them at 11am they tasted a lot like dead cheese. The best thing about them? They came from Titwood Road. As a nine year old this was ALWAYS HILARIOUS.

Here’s the creamery where they came from complete with millions of vintage pics. A magical place we never saw, but millions of Scottish kids would snigger about. All gone now:


The biggest blast from the past there is seeing milk being delivered in glass pint bottles!

When did free milk end? I remember getting it in early primary school (so about 1987) but not later.


In school we started with glass bottles and then switched pretty quickly to those triangular cartons (although it would be funnier to have triangular cartoons). :wink:


Identical experience in NZ .
Summers were diabolical. I remember not being allowed out at playtime till we drank them steaming hot!


In the US, we used refrigeration. :wink:


Really? I’m not sure how Scotland managed to escape Thatcher, who took away my free milk in 1971.


Native guile, cunning, ingenuity, and a wee bit of hypnosis.

We never got the cartons, we were glass bottles all the way. The milk did used to come in different colours though.


Whereas I never quite understood the ‘milk snatcher’ line when I was still getting milk in school and I was born in 1973 after she was education secretary.

So I looked it up and the answer is there was never a set time they stopped it. In 1946 they set up free milk for all schoolkids up to 18. It was stopped for secondary school kids in the 60s and Thatcher took it down to only kids under 7 in 1971. In 1985 they cut subsidies so a lot of LEAs opted out but they still have to provide for all kids under 5.

So there you go. :wink:


I think in Scotland it was never taken away as education always had some autonomy up here. It maybe went much later. Late 80s possibly.



It has always been income based in the US and is part of the free/reduced cost breakfast/lunch program.


I spent first grade in public school (P.S. 7 in the Bronx), where I can recall getting milk and cookies during mid-morning recess. My older brother and sister, who went to Catholic school, got zilch. For second grade I transferred to the Catholic school, thus ending my free ride.


They’ve always had free lunches for low income kids.

This was a different idea of a free glass (or carton) of milk for all kids. As with Jerry’s memory we had it at break time. All ancient history now anyway, I think the emphasis now is on providing a free breakfast.


Ya. I went to public school and had the milk and cookie snack time for Kindergarten only. I don’t remember if it was free or my parents had to pay for it. I seem to remember something about “milk money”. We used to get these great windmill shaped cookies that have I have fond memories of.

Ah. Fair enough. Milk was always provided with school lunch where I went. It was just a matter of if or how much your parents contributed for that lunch.

On another note, when I was a kid it was always the small waxed paper cartons. When I did a stint helping kids with reading in the early 2000’s, their milk came in these slightly over inflated plastic bags that you speared with a straw. I thought they were kinda cool.


[quote=“RonnieM, post:13, topic:9421”]
We used to get these great windmill shaped cookies that have I have fond memories of.
[/quote]50+ years later, the only two things I remember from that school are the awesome taste of the wafer cookies we got as snacks, and the cool old car my teacher (Miss Moss) drove. :slight_smile:


The cookies I remember were something like one of these.


I vaguely remember triangular cartons early on in primary, then I think it moved to square.

I remember doing milk duty and delivering a basket full of milk to the classes.

I didn’t know they’d stopped doing it, pity - even though we never had anything near as much as kids do now, life seemed a lot better back then.


I don’t know about that. I’d have lost my shit if someone gave me an Xbox as a kid.


For some context, when I looked it is more devolved nowadays with slightly different schemes but most primary kids of that age get a breakfast and a drink of milk so are doing a lot better. :smile:


Fair enough, I guess I’ll be able to compare better when my own kids go to school etc - my finger isn’t really on the pulse.


I got school milk as a child. And it was left to get warm and I didn’t want to drink it. Which is why the carton went into my school bag on the last day of school in fifth class before summer holiday. And that is also why I found that it had exploded sour milk all over my school books on the day before I started sixth class.