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Online gaming interactions


So… last night I was playing exo zombies and I get into it with another player… n my defense I don’t start anything with anyone… it’s just bad karma… but this other guy wants to start talking about who is the better player… just the usual shit talking… I luv some shit talking when it’s all n good fun but this guy starts to get personal and says some childish stuff… so I point that out and ask how old he is… turns out he is a recent college graduate… and proud of it like he should be… well as the game progresses and the shit talking gets a little more intense he start to realize that he can’t use his words as good as I can b/c now he is stammering and stuttering… so I laugh and say my 5 yr old can use his words better than a college graduate… his response to me is that I’m an “angry black man”… I laugh and point out to him that I’m a white guy but I was insulted by the comment so I proceed to follow him around and shoot all his zombies… needless to say I was muted after his friend started laughing at him… I showed his friend some tips on the game and even revived the guy a few times…

Anyone else run into similar situations online? If so how do u handle them?


I never interact, I find that helps to avoid these situations. Having said that I no longer play games where that kind of player interaction is necessary so it doesn’t matter if I haven’t plugged my headset in etc.


I usually run across some cool ppl when I play online… but there r also the jerks out there as well…


This is one of the main reasons I don’t play online.


A lot of ppl don’t seem to like online play… I just got into gaming and so it’s just a new world for me now


I like it, I just quickly got bored of 12 y/o’s trying out all the curse words they had ever heard whenever anything happened.

At least back in the day they had to type their rants and we could reply with corrected spellings etc instead of it descending into high pitched whining and impressions of the other players.


Lol I prefer the 12 yr olds over the 20 yr old children myself


Mute button.
I never pay any attention to smack talkers…although I do game online with an older crowd.